Why Outbound Linking in SEO

Before we have discussed a lot regarding the inbound links (the links that are coming to your site from outside websites) and its importance. Now let us discuss something about the outbound links (the links from your site to the outside websites) and the facts related to it.

The liking of the web-masters for the outbound links vary a lot. Some of them freely use the outbound links thinking that it actually boost the value of the site and increase the chances of getting increasing visitors. While some are very reluctant in using the outbound links due to the fear of losing the time and money that they can receive from the visitors. There are many misconceptions regarding the use of outbound links, the web-masters fear losing their visitors to other websites and also feel that outbound links don’t help in SEO. We do agree that inbound links help in increasing the page rank and SEO, but even outbound links do help in better SEO though not to the extent that the inbound link does. To better understand how it does,  we will have a look at outbound links from three perspective.

1) SEO : All the SEO experts stand on a common platform saying that the use of the outbound links to the relevant site actually helps your site to perform well with the search engines. Even I do personally believe that search engines like Yahoo and Google have their own mechanism and factors to decide the page rank and the popularity of the site, and outbound links is also one of the factor they consider. Though they don’t put much weight on it as other factors (inbound links, page title etc.), but still it is considered. I am uncertain how much impact the outbound links have done to the other site, but such sites really do well with the search engines.

Though from the perspective of SEO you need to take care of few things :

  • don’t frown the search engines by placing too many outbound links.
  • Always link to the site relevant to your industry and theme.
  • Choose appropriate keywords that you use to link your site and the other site.
  • Always use outbound links to the site that have higher ranking than yours in the search engine.

My personal advice is to focus more on the 2nd and 3rd point. If those two are done properly then it will surely help you with the search engine ranking without effecting the ultimate goal of your website.

2) Readers Satisfaction : Rather than thinking of the SEO, you must be focusing more on the impact that the links will have on the readers. The only intent behind using the outbound links is to provide the readers with the best and quality information. If some web-master has quality and fresh content written on the same topic that you do, then you must not hesitate to link it from your website.

Many people fear that this will drive the traffic from yous site to the other, but I personally feel that if you continue to provide appropriate information to the visitors then they won’t ever forget the actual source from where the information can and thus you have increasing change of getting returning visitors.

Just you need to consider that too many outbound links reduces the readers satisfaction, so you need to careful in selecting the sites you are linking to.


3) Other : The other few reasons that you can find useful to link other websites from your site are :

–        Getting linked to the other websites and sending the traffic to them will bring you in the awareness circle of those web-masters, and if they find your work useful and information they might also come back to you and both of you can enjoy a fruitful relation.

–        Also linking to other sites proves your expertise in that domain. You are placing a good content on your site and also linking the users to other site for more information on the same topic, so the way you are streaming your information makes the user feel you are well in touch with the domain and carries required expertise, and thus the visitors put more trust in you.

The above listed are some of the reasons that I feel, the outbound links are also much helpful with SEO. There might also be many other reasons which I am not aware of but the visitors know. So I am leaving the more to you, to post more advantages of the outbound links in the form of comments. Would be eagerly waiting to know more about it from the other web-masters.

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