Why Do You Need a Social Media Strategy?

Using Social Media for business without a strategy is kind of like getting in a car and driving without a clear destination in mind. How will you know when you’re arrived?
A social media strategy is simply a tactical plan for how a business will use social media to achieve its business goals, how social fits into its overall marketing plan, and how they will know when they’ve ‘’arrived’’; in other words, how they will measure the effectiveness of their strategy.

Without a strategy in place, you risk spending a whole lot of time and money on social media without reaping all of the potential rewards. A well-planned social media strategy gives you a roadmap to follow and keeps you focused on the specific outcomes of your efforts.

How Does Social Media Marketing Fit within a Company’s Overall Marketing Plan?

The good news in that, in some ways, social media marketing is simply using new tools and strategies to accomplish the same objectives.. For instance, some of your high-level marketing goals or objectives may be to increase brand awareness or improve customer satisfaction. You can then drill down and pinpoint specific goals that will help you achieve your overall goals.

Some examples of specific goals may be:

  • To increase page views by 10% this quarter
  • To generate ten new leads this month
  • To grow market share by 5% this year
  • To increase your website conversion rate to 5%.

A social media marketing strategy then looks at how you can use social media to achieve these objectives. In other words, social media works best when it’s part of a bigger package. It doesn’t replace your current marketing strategy, but is rather one component of the bigger picture. It represents an important opportunity to meet your business goals through new and more engaging channels.

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