What is Email Marketing – How to do it right!

Email marketing is a permission based marketing strategy that businesses can utilize to efficiently and effectively communicate to a list of subscribers. Email marketing is a direct marketing aproach to reaching a target audience.

WARNING: Email is an effective way to reach a large target audience effectively and efficiently but you must keep in mid a few key points!

– The subscribers to your list are people – real people, with real problems that they are turning to you (as an expert) to help them with their problems.
– Consumers (subscribers in this case) are overwhelmed. They don’t want to be sold… especially in their inboxes. If you use email as a means of advertising you will be ignored, deleted, or worse… complained about (marked as SPAM).
– There are rules that you must follow set by the FTC. If you violate those laws in the U.S you could receive penalties of up to $16.000 per email violation… which is peanuts compared to Canada’s anti-spam legislation which is a maximum penalty of $1.000.000 per individual or $10.000.000 for a business.
I’m not trying to scare you but to inform you that there are rules that you must follow.
Here’s the deal. If you want to protect your self:
– Read up on the law (and abide).
– Get permission. Just because you meet someone at a networking event and you grab their business card doesn’t mean you have permission.
– Set the right expectations. Tell your subscribers that you will be sending them (and how frequently).
– Treat your subscribers like real people (because they are). Don’t blast crap into their inbox. BE authentic, helpful, and provide value.
– Learn effective strategies to reach your audience.

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