Steps to select a web hosting provider

Web hosting is simply a term in which a service provider places your website on the internet, to make it accessible across the globe. The website is typically placed on a computer known as “Server”, which serves as a home to your website.

There are two choices on which you can host your websites either Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting.

In the vast world of hosting, Linux was once the king. It supports by default various scripting languages like PHP, Ruby On Rails, Perl, etc. But for ASP or .NET websites Linux hosting is not a good option. There are various hosting provider companies. But how to choose a good hosting company is a question that must be sorted out clearly.

Steps to select a reputed web hosting provider

Selecting the right web hosting service provider is a time consuming and difficult task. This is particularly due to the reason that every individual or business has different requirements. Given these varied requirements, here are some services that a web hosting company will offer you.

  • Control Panel: Control panel is your admin panel where you can control or customize your site on the web server. The control panel you get depends upon the hosting plan. In case of shared hosting, all the rights remain with the service provider and you need to seek their permission to make changes. But in case of dedicated hosting, you have admin authority and can control your sites by your own.
  • Diskspace: It is the space that you purchase from the web hosting provider. The size of diskspace depends upon your requirements, and size of your website. Getting larger diskspace will cost you more thus it is suggested you become equitant with your requirements to get the best deal.
  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred or received in a particular duration. In case of web hosting, the bandwidth is consumed whenever the visitors open your site, download or upload something.
  • Email Account: You can also get domain based email accounts, particularly known as POP3 email accounts. These accounts can be accessed using Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora or any other email software.
  • Database: Database is a crucial component of every web hosting package. It is the place where you keep all the data related to your website. In case of Linux hosting MySQL databases is provided by hosting provider companies.
  • Some hosting companies provides free website scripts like Message Forum, Social Networking Scripts, Image Galleries, Mailing List, E-commerce and multimedia features that is an add on to your website. Companies like Bluehost are providing these features at affordable prices.

Customer Service/Support

Whether you are a novice or an expert in web hosting, you need the assistance of web hosting provider at many instances. While selecting the company, you must check their customer support and services. This can be done in different ways, such as:

  • It is a great idea to check their knowledge base. If the service providers are not well enough to resolve your basic issues, it is useless to stick to them. The service provider must have comprehensive knowledge of all basic terminologies, common errors along with round the clock customer support.
  • Responsive customer service staff is the next big thing. The customer service staff should be happy to help you, and can resolve your issues whenever you ask them.


Certainly a huge matter, because innumerable web hosting service providers are there offering their services at very affordable prices. While deciding on the price, you must also comply with your basic requirements and should never compromise with quality. The pricing of hosting plan depends upon the diskspace, database, and email accounts you opt. Still you can get the same deal at cheap price by making some research.

Just stick to these simple points and you will surely end up finding a web hosting provider meeting all your requirements.

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