SEO 101 – 7 Steps to top search rankings, naturally

1. Keyword Strategy

What terms or Keywords are your visitors currently typing to find your website or business? Third party tools from Trellian and Wordtracker, as well as FREE tools from Overture and Google, provide you with the ability to find out how many times a Keyword was searched. This is critical for you to know. Your website’s success will depend on getting this right. Understanding the Keywords that give the greatest return is crucial to maximizing your marketing efforts. Start here, you will thank Crack Google later.
2. Domains

If you have not registered a domain then obtaining a domain that contains your main Keyword will (currently) help your cause. e.g. Be sure to read our article on Keywords within the Domain Name itself, it provides some very basic insight into the weight of Keywords that reside in a Domain Name and how you can stand to benefit. Click here for more information. You may also focus on your company name, and have another domain groomed specifically for providing traffic to your business site.
3. Directory &  URL structure

When building your site having a meaningful url and directory sructure will pay dividends, both for your enduser and your Search Engine Rankings. So use instead of While they will both return the same content, the first one will be favored by Search Engines.
4. Website Technology

Avoiding using Flash to build your site, you may feel free to use flash elements, but it is important to remember how the Search Engines operate. They prefer to acquire text from your website and store it in a database for manipulation, retrieval and storage. Ensure site navigation is both logical, easy to follow and that search engines can follow the links.
5. Add Content

Based on your Keyword strategy build content pages for your main Keywords or Keyword groups. Content is King the more the better, noting it must be unique an not duplicated.
6. Meta Data

Each and every page needs unique descriptive meta data. That mean page title, meta keyowrds and meta descriptions. Don’t scrimp here this is important.
7. Obtain Incoming Links AKA Link Popularity

Much discussion rages here after recent Google algorythm updates. To assist your site rankings, you need to obtain incoming links that contain in the anchor text the Keywords you want to get rankings for. Register your site in on topic directories, approach similar themed sites and ask for a link exchange, publish articles, register your site in any trade sites. What you want is to be the center of the universe for your topic/products.

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