Recent Google updates and how to survive them

Fast forward 15 years and ranking in Google has become extremely competitive and considerably more complex.

Simply put, everybody wants to be in Google. Google is fighting to keep its search engine relevant and must constantly evolve to keep on delivering relevant results to users.

This hasn’t been without its challenges. Just like keyword stuffing, webmasters clued on to another way of gaming the system by having the most ‘anchor text’ pointing to the page.

If you are not familiar with this term, anchor text is the text contained in external links poiting to a page.

This created another loophole exploited by spammers. In many cases, well meaning marketers and business owners used this tactic to achieve high rankings in the search results.

Along came a new Google update. This time called ‘Penguin’ in 2012. Google’s Penguin update punished websites with suspicious amounts of links with exact-matched anchor text pointing to a page.

Google discovered websites with hundreds of links with just one phrase likely didn’t acquire those links naturally. This was a solid indicator the website owner could be gaming the system.

Shortly before this update, one year to be exact, many sites were ranking extremely high in Google by simply having a ridiculous amount of pages filled with crappy content.

Websites started flooding the search engine results with thousands of crappy articles generated by software. These articles were clearly created with the sole intention of gaming the system.

And so begins a familiar story. Google released an update called the Panda update, penalizing websites with dozens of duplicated articles and low quality content from ranking extremely high in search engines.

If you find these changes alarming, don’t. How to recover from these changes, or to prevent being penalized by these updates, covered in other article.

In this short history of Google’s game changing updates, there lies a powerful lesson in how to achieve top rankings in Google and stay there.

The lesson is this…

If you want to stay at the top of Google, never rely on one tactic.

Always ensure your search engine strategies rely on SEO best practices.


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