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Once you have determined the areas of your website which needs improvement, develop a plan on how you can implement the necessary changes. Again it’s your choice whether you want to take it step-by-step or all at once if you believe you can manage it. How fast or slow you want to do it, there is one common goal: Website that bring Huge Profits

GET TRAFFIC : This is among simplest things to begin with, but is also the most important. Think that the more traffic you bring in to your page, the higher the chance of converting these visits into actual sales.

Your website’s Analytics:
To get an idea on how much traffic your website is receiving, or it is getting any visits at all, you need to set up a method to track your website traffic and statistics. I highly recommend Google Analytics – it is easy and quick to set-up, it is user-friendly (no expertise ended to use it) and most of all – it’s FREE.
Google Analytics is one of the best tools that can be used to track and monitor the traffic performance of your site. It gives you a better understandning on why web visitors visit your site.

You must first sign up for a Google Account (if you have a Gmail, that could work just fine). Then go to and click on the Sign up Now button from the top right. You will be given the option to Sign up for a Google account (if necessary) or use your existing account and proceed with the set up. You’ll be asked for your website’s address and will be given a snippet of code to insert in your site.

Don’t worry about how this is done. On-screen instructions are available to help you through. Even a 10-year old can easily do it.

Once your analytics is set up, you will be amazed on how you can see practically everything that’s going on with your pages – where your visitors are coming from, how long each visitor stayed in your page, at which page did they exit, and so on.
With all these information, you will have an idea if your referring sites ( your blog, Facebook account , Twitter, Linkedin, etc is sending visitors to your website). This data will be crucial as you move forward with specific marketing techniques and approaches.

Remember: Traffic Analytis is the foundation to successful implementation and management of your marketing efforts.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is making your website easily searched in the Internet’s major Search Engines ( Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). The better your website’s SEO ranking, the more it shows up in search results — therefore increasing traffic to your website.
Now make a list of all keywords associated to your business. Just thinnk of the words people most likely would type in when looking for the product or service similar to what you are offering.  If , for example, you are looking for affordable landscaping services within your locality, you might probably type in “Cheap landscape Vitoria”. Try to imagine all the possible sensible combinations like “Affordable landscape service Victoria”, “Budget Landscapers Vitoria”, “Landscapers Victoria”, etc.

Once you have populated your keyword list, go to and enter the keywords you have listed. You will be shown data on how many people have searched for those keywords. You would also be shown keywords suggestions you might want to target in your SEO strategy.
This data will help you identify the best keywords to use on your website — thus, it’s time to get them to work for you. Remember: Search Engines like to see your keywords in “important places” ( your title, headliens, sub-headlines and the first part of your content).

The more keywords you use, the more search engines will notice your website. As search engines also lvoe updated content, adding keywords – rich content containing recent information proves to be very useful in increasing traffic to your website.

SEO and Inbound Links
Often called Backlinks, this refers to incoming links to a webpage from a different website. Backlinks are one indication that of the website’s importance and popularity.

Why do we need Inbound Links?
Quality backlinks is among the most relevant factors used by Google to determine the PageRank of the webpage. PageRank is an analysis algorithm method used by Google to determine a page’s relevance or importance. Higher-ranking websites that link back to your page can greatly help pull up your own site’s PageRank.

How to get inbound links?
There are a number of ways to obtain links: Directories Submission, Forums, Emails Requests, Facebook Links, Twitter Posts are among the many ways to do this.
Putting your business in Local Search Listings better increases your website’s search engine exposure.
Adding your business to Google Maps is one of the smartest steps you should never miss. Here’s why: When someone search for a particular local service, Google immediately sends him to its local lsitings.

Adding your business to Google maps is very easy: Simply go to and click on the ‘List Your Business’ button. Add your business address, details, photos and place it under the proper business category. Include any other information you wish your clients to know. Google will have to confirm your address with a phonecall or postcard sent to your address. Once confirmed, you’ll begin appearing in local searches..

The above-mentioned methods to get inbound links have been proven to greatly help in getting your website recognized in Searches. The ebst part of it — they’re all FREE.

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