Mistake #3 – Focusing on Fan Numbers

Plenty of business owners believe that having massive fan numbers on their Facebook page will automatically mean huge profits in return. This simply isn’t true. The number of people who “Like” your page might seem enormous and might be a fun number to throw around to impress friends, but what does it really mean for your business?

As mentioned in a previous mistake, statistics show that less than 1% of your fans will return to view your page. This means the only time they will hear from you is in their own news feed, once you’ve posted something for them to read about.

This is one reason why thinking about attracting new fans with one-time contests may not always be as productive as many people assume. Once that contest is over, what real reason do these people have for interacting with you?
Even though they may see your news feed posts, do they have a compelling enough reason to interact and become a part of the business community you’re trying to put together?

Attracting high fan numbers does not mean you have an automatically captive audience. It only gives you the opportunity to find ways to capture their interest, or your page loses all its value.

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