Mistake #1 – Failing to Understand Facebook’s Foibles

Let’s face it – Facebook is a relatively new medium for businesses. This leaves plenty of people assuming it’s just the same as owning another web page or another form of email list.
It also means far too many small businesses fail to explore all the little differences Facebook can offer to help enhance marketing efforts.
Customizing a Facebook Fan Page shouldn’t take long. Likewise, completing as much business information as possible in the Info tab should only take a few minutes.

Unfortunately, this is where most small businesses stop their efforts and expect to see great results.
What they’re missing is that many visitors to a Facebook Page may never get beyond the custom tab they see before they hit the “Like” button. In fact, recent statistics have shown that only around 1% of total fans who Like a page go back to view it more than once.

You may even have set up a specific “Welcome” tab to greet new fans as they arrive, but once again , many people may miss this completely if they head straight for your page’s wall instead.

Always keep in mind that Facebook shouldn’t be your intended website-replacement. It’s a social media platform, used by people who wish to socialize and hang out.

For this reason, it’s always wise to keep in mind that your page’s visitors are not there to support your business. Rather – they are there to learn more about what you offer via the posts showing on your wall.

Learn all you can about the vast differences involved in marketing directly to people using a social networking platform. Then do your best to incorporate these tactics in your own marketing plans.

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