List Building Strategies – Email Marketing

There are so many different strategies to building your list. Here are the key points you must apply if you want to build your list:
– Create and deliver UNBELIVABLE value. You’ve heard the saying, ” you only get one chance to make a first impression”. It’s true. You MUST,MUST,MUST give away your “BEST” stuff. You want your audience to say, “I can’t believe ________ gave this away! THey could have charged for it”.  That’s when you know you made the right impression.


I speak with business owners on this topic all the time. Most of them really struggle with this. They say “if i give it away, what will I sell?”. My best example is this… I live in Arizona. Where the largest size of a grass lot is about 10x10feet (if they are lucky). 90% of people (speculation) still pay a landscaping company to cut it!
Now, it”s not that they can’t. It’s that they won’t. Or don’t want to
Your customers is no different. Heck, you are no different!

When we have a problem most of us will jump on Google and try to find the solution. We read a few blogs. Watch a few videos. And then we decide that it’s ‘best left to the professionals’ and we call someone to solve our prbolem and fix it for us.
It’s not that we can’t. it’s that we don’t want to.
If small businesses are marketing correctly they should be the business that provided the solution… and ultimately they will get the call.

If not, the person will likely arbitrarily head back to Google and make a random call.. you get the point.
The point here is that the key to building your list is to give away value.
2. Have a way to capture leads. You need a web form, landing page, or squeeze page. Basically, you need your offer and a couple of boxes that they can fill it to get what you are giving away.
3. Once you have a compelling offer (or a few), and you have the form, you need to gain some awareness. There are literally hundred’s of ways you can gain awareness (many of them free).  Here’s a handful to get you started.

– On the right side margin of your website
– In the footer of your blog.
– Guest blog on other sites.
– On social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, etc…)

The key here is to present a compelling offer that has tremendous value in as many places as you possibly can.

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