How Web Designer impact SEO in 2016?

Web designers are natural partners in SEO. After all, shouldn’t the person who designs and builds a website have a strong interest in knowing how to make it search friendly? SEO of 2016 has become positively mainstream, and we guarantee that your clients and prospects have SEO on their minds. To be viable in today’s business climate, SEO literacy is a must for any web developer, and offering SEO as a service or add-on is an advantage for client acquisition. Want to use SEO for a bigger slice of the proposal pie or to gain a longer list of prospects? Here are some of the challenges and advantages we expect you’ll face.



Advantage: The Inside Track – You’re already on the job, providing web design services. Your clients trust you, and the site files are nestled safely on your hard drive. Lucky for you, it is often difficult for an outside SEO consultant to be inserted into the very early stage of web design. This is because much of the website is still theoretical early on, and theoretical SEO can only get you so far. Use your status to your advantage: As the designer you can easily introduce SEO early in the conversation and be sure it is integrated into design decisions throughout the process.



Challenge: Hucksters Abound – No, no , we’re not talking about you. We’re talking about hose other web designers. You know, the ones who feature SEO as an add-on to their regular services, and then just stick HTML titles on some pages, with no keyword research or insight to back them up? They probably charge a couple hundred bucks for the add-on, spend 10 minutes on the work, and accomplish nothing for their clients. Unfortunately, you have to compete with these guys. To protect your reputation ( and ours!).


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