How to create a Killer Content Strategy?

Lot of time we have been asked ” How you manage to create such a killer content? ” so we decide to tell you our content strategy. A strong content strategy should answer the following questions:What are your content goals? Do you want more conversions, more social engagement or more links?

Who is your audience? If your goal is to increase conversions, then you must write for your specific audience.

Who will develop your content for you? Will you do it yourself, delegate it to your employees, or outsource the process?

How often do you want to publish new content? And do you have the resources to fulfill the commitment to daily blog posts, weekly podcasts, or monthly videos?

How will you promote your content to reach a targeted audience? Will you depend on organic social reach, pay for advertising, or dedicate time to blogger outreach?

How will you measure your results to ensure that your content strategy is meeting your goals?

Your content strategy will begin to materialize as you answer the questions above.

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