How to Choose a Hosting

After choosing a proper domain name for your shiny new website you should think of getting a right hosting for it. Choosing a hosting provider may seem a tricky task since you should consider many technical characteristics – from the type of server to technical support a provider offers. A novice webmaster may get lost among multiple offers of hosting services and get confused trying to find the best hosting plan for his or her website. This part of the guide is to clear up the situation about hosting providers and give you all the info you may need to choose the best one.

First you should consider the price. In this guide we will not review free hosting options.
Quality support, hardware and other perks cost money free hostings cannot offer. The good old truth << you get what you pay for >> should be your main principle when choosing a hosting.
Assess features that different hosting providers offer and then compare prices.
Let’s establish the most important criteria in the best web host choosing.
Hosting Server Types
Most hosting servers work with only two types of software – Windows or Linux. Both these types are just perfect for most purposes. They work great on any PC and deliver powerful software for any website. So, you choice will depend on what your website’s technical characteristics and main goals are. In any case, Windows is a more expensive option (and if you ask us , most unsecure).
Linux Hosting Software
Linux usually offers a lot of additional software for hosting services (like Apache, Nginx, Sendmail, BIND, APF Firewall, etc). This software is mostly free or very inexpensive. However, Linux software is very hard to manage compared to the one from Microsoft. You won’t find there a nice and comfy interface or handy buttons (unless you use Control Panel where all become just like a game). Instead all operations are performed through the remote shell access (e.g DOS). Despite such drawbacks Linux offers you much more control over your server than Windows does. It is more stable, efficient and is proven to deal with the most demanding applications.

Linux Advantages:
1) Security
2) Apache HTTP Server
3) PHP + MySQL Database Service
4) Chmod command for file permissions
5) mod_rewrite customization

Windows Hosting Software
One of the main benefits of Windows hosting software is its easy integration with all Microsoft products. Thus, you may use such options as Advanced server, 2003 Server and 2008 Server. Windows hosting software is perfect for novice webmasters due to its clear intuitive user interface. Another vital feature is that Windows allows running ASP (Active Server Pages that contains special scripts for dynamic website content).
With all that said, the two drawbacks of Windows hosting software is its high price and security, since Windows are known target of hackers and is easy to break it down, so in general we don’t recommend you using it for serious projects. Moreover, if you need some additional programs like firewall, ASPmail, remote admin management, ASP Encrypt, etc – you will need to pay extra cost for that.

Windows Advantages:
1) ASP and ASP.NET Support
2) SQL, PHP and MySQL Server Database
3) IIS Web Server
4) Access Database Support

If you plan running such ready-to-use solutions like CMS and blogs, you should opt for Linux as it offer enough open-source software. Windows hosting will charge you extra fee for licensed applications instead. There is a simple rule works in choosing the right hosting server for your website. If your website runs ASP you should opt for Windows hosting, otherwise choose a Llinux Hosting for PHP-developed websites like those on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MotoCMS etc.

What Kind of Hosting Suits You?

Hosting types include three paid options that are offered for various budget plans and various needs. It’s shared (or virtual) hosting, co-located hosting, unmanaged dedicated or managed dedicated hosting kinds.

Shared Hosting
The most popular hosting type due to its affordability. As you can see from its title, shared hosting means you share space on one server with many other clients of the hosting provider. Provider has the control over the server but it offers you an opportunity to manage your website hosting features via Control Panel access. Shared hosting has the cheapest pricing plans. The price of the server is divided between customers that use it, so you can get hosting for as low as $5.00 per month.

Shared hosting may seem not the best solution. They offer low flexibility and low-quality support in most cases. Since shared hosting services are mostly overcrowded ( one server can be used by 100 and more people at a time) you may expect many issues like limited bandwidth or slow response time.
Who does it fit: small hobby websites, beginners and people who just start their online business. Low traffic websites can also benefit of shared hosting. It’s a very affordable and low-cost solution that can be re-considered any time.
Dedicated Hosting
It’s a total opposition to a shared hosting. You rent a hosting server machine from a provider and fully use it without sharing with other customers. You have a full-time access to that server and can host more that one website on it. You can install any software you need for your purposes as well as choosing a hardware for your purposes. Most hosting providers offer support and management of the server for additional payment. In such case you get a managed dedicated hosting. It’s the best and the most expensive solution.
Who does it fit: big companies that have a lot of data and traffic and have enough budget to afford managed hosting.
Other hosting types:
VPS ( virtual private server or virtual dedicated server) It’s usually a dedicated server with its own software but is technically installed on a machine that runs multiple VPSs. It’s not literally a shared hosting since each VPS has its own data, software and support;

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