How Blog help your SEO optimization in 2016?

It’s shockingly easy to publish web content when you have a blog, but putting out lots of content is not the same thing as building and maintaining a readership. To keep your site from joining the millions of blogs already collecting dust in forgotten corners of the Internet, you need high-quality content offerings to maintain your audience and an SEO strategy to increase your reach. Although search is only one of many potential source of visitors for most blogs, it can be a key soruce of new visitors – and new visitors have the potential to turn into engaged, active, long-term readers and participants.
Advantage: A Naturally Social Site. You won’t have to leap over any conceptual hurdles to become a participant in the Social Web: You’ve already there. Blogs are social sites by definition and form the backbone of the Social Web. The blogroll, a list of links to favorite blogs, is a standard blog feature that reinforces a link-friendly culture. As a blog, your site automatically has a better chance of receiving links from other blogs than a traditional website does.
Even better, there are free means of promotion on the Social Web to help your bog success. You have Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and other social sites at your disposal to promote your newly published posts. If your blog provides valuable content, it may receive additional exposure from fans on these venues, which can be helpful in gaining targeted traffic.

Challenge: Real participation – There’s no denying that a lot of blogs offer poor-quality, derivative content, or worse, spammy autogenerated dreck. But you will also find an overwhelming number of informative, intelligent, funny, insightful, and downright fancy-ticklin blogs in just about any niche you can think of.

How will yours be noticed – both by potential readers and the search engines?

First, you need a solid big-picture understanding of your blog’s purpose, target audience, differentiation, and value compared to other sites. With that as your foundation, get to know the social landscape of other blogs and Twitterers in your niche. These microcommunities have all the affinities, grudges, schisms, feuds, accusations, and drama of a family reunion, with not nearly as much barbecue sauce.
Getting links to your blog is your goal – and the best way to achieve it is through real participation on other sites in your niche. You’ll focus not just on gaining links, but on building relationship, sharing your thoughts in venues beyond your own site… in short, making your best possible contribution to the community. Be interesting and topical, and throw in a dash of helpful, or funny, or whatever you do best.
Even if you usually cross to the other side of the street to avoid chatting with a neighbor in the real world, you need to force yourself to be a much more gregarious animal online. Time-consuming as it may be, reading and participating on other blogs is one of the best ways to connect yourself to a community and ultimately build links and visibility for your own blog.
Challenge: Optimizing Every Post – Since your site probably doesn’t have a traditional site map, with sections, subsections, and conversion pages, you won’t have traditional landing pages to focus your SEO attentions on. Instead, you will have to put your time into making every post a better place for searchers to land. All of the SEO rules we lay out in THEHOSTBAY.COM for landing pages – rules like including keywords throughout body text and in URLs, using keywords in linking text, writing unique and keyword-rich titles, and linking internally to related content – should become part of your every post.

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