hostgator price increase on all hosting packages

New HostGator Pricing

HostGator, an well known web hosting provider to small and medium-sized businesses, is significantly increasing it hosting charges.

The changes arrive after HostGator was sold earlier this year. The increase in prices will drive out lots of companies out of their current internet presences

The official HostGator annoucment is:
On Tuesday, August 25th starting at 7:30am CST, HostGator will be increasing pricing on all our hosting packages and plans. This decision is a reflection of the changing hosting industry and increase costs as a result.

We will provide you with more details as needed but please look to our website for new pricing if you are listing any plan prices. Percentage off offers will reflect updated pricing at this time as well.

You may have noticed that HostGator has been optimizing the site over this past year with a number of A/B tests for both UI experience and increased conversion. You may notice some of these changes as you come back to visit the site from time to time but these changes are all in an effort to make the customer experience better and ultimately make conversion easy which benefits YOU, our affiliate partner.

So after all, HostGator manage to farm hug amount of customers by OVERSELLING & OVERLOADING  their nodes selling hosting for 0.99$ now they dramatically increase their prices.

We can say that this move is really unprofessional . But don’t worry there are some more established user trusted hosting providers like review & who are not overselling , not increasing their prices just to gain more.

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