Google Adsense Secret Optimization Tips & Tricks

Google Adsense might be the simplest way to attract advertisers from around the world to your website. You simply submit your website to Google Adsense for approval. If Google approves your website, they will place ads linking to advertisers related to the content on your site. This will likely appeal to your readers and generate revenue for you as well! Each time a reader clicks a link, the advertiser pays Google a fee, and Google splits that fee with you as the website owner.

This begs the question – How do you Make Money and Profit from Google Adsense? We have compiled a list of The Best Google Adsense Optimization Tips & Tricks for Making the most of your content and the most profit for you!

  1. Closely follow the Adsense policies. Adsense rewards honesty. Keep it clean and legit.
  2. DO NOT modify the Google Adsense HTML code / snippet
  3. DO NOT ask your friends or visitors to click on any Google Ads within your website.
  4. DO NOT offer any incentives of any kind for users, which motivate them to click on Ads.
  5. DO NOT label the Google Ads with anything other than “Sponsored Links” or “Advertisements.
  6. DO NOT Click on your own Ads. – Google will catch you faster than you can click the link.
  7. DO NOT reload your pages eccessively. If you are testing, then follow these precautions.
  8. DO NOT use pop-up windows to display Ads
  9. DO NOT use error pages to display Ads.
  10. DO NOT use empty pages to display Ads.
  11. DO NOT start a key word based website strictly to attract clicks. Stick to quality, not quanity.
  12. Lengthy Articles – should have ads placed in the middle of the article. CTR is much higher as readers look for more information as they read your article.
  13. Shorter Articles – The CTR is much higher when Ads are placed toward the top of the article
  14. Always try to use Text Ads when possible. Users will be given more options this way. If you insist on placing image based Ads, then you might want to consider formats that are more supportive of image Ads – Go with either the 300×250 medium rectangle or the 160×600 wide skyscraper – or both, if you are displaying multiple Ad Units on a given page.
  15. Avoid backround color on Google Ads when possible. Make the Border and Backround color blend into your websites respective colors. The Ad will appear to be part of your content and have a higher chance of being clicked.
  16. As a rule, you should put your Ads above the main section of your website. Place Ad Units that have the highest CTR higher up in your HTML code. Because Ad Units get filled based on their order from top to bottom in your HTML code, it is important to put your most successful / profitable Ad Units (Code Snippets) toward the top of your HTML in regards to the order they will be processed and place. This is particularly true when you are working with very niche topics as they may not have many advertisers, or enough to fill all of your Ad Units you placed on a given page.
  17. When you select colors for your URL / Ad Link, avoid colors that blend. If your text is dark, then you should consider a slightly lighter color. This will help create contrast.
  18. FACT: THE LARGE RECTANGLE IS THE BEST PAYING ADSENSE FORMAT (336×280) – The Google Adsense Publisher Team believes that wider Ad Units generally perform better. We suggest using the following formats in the order listed, based on your needs: 336×280 large rectangle, 300×250 medium rectangle, or 160×600 wide skyscraper
  19. Avoid placing images near or next to Ads (above or below as well) as this does little to attract user clicks. If you need to place an image, that’s fine, but don’t do it with the belief that it will attract more attention.
  20. Blend your Ad Units / AdLinks with other navigational links or put horizontal AdLinks at the top of your webpage. You are permitted to click on AdLinks within your website, but not the Ads they display after being clicked. Be careful!
  21. Google Adsense Policy states that you may place up to 3 AdSense Units per page. We suggest putting a large skyscraper on the right navigation sidebar of your website. That area is close to the browser scrollbar. You can also add 2 AdSense for search boxes, 1 adlink unit and 1 referral button per product (i.e., 1 FireFox referral button and 1 Adsense Referral and a Google Toolbar referral button).
  22. The beginning lines of your content are a key ingredient for which Ads will be served on your web page. Place your Keywords in Bold  (strong or <b> tags) or header tags (h1, h2, etc) so as to take advantage of this fact and make sure you are getting the right Ads for your content.
  23. Set your Google Search For AdSense to echo results in a “New Browser”. This way you won’t lose your visitor 😉 You can click the “Open Search Results In a New Windows” Checkbox when you build your search code.
  24. Your visitors will expect the search box to be in the upper right hand corner. Don’t let them down, put it there.
  25. If you provide content for other websites, just give them a teaser. Provide a link to your website for the rest of the article. This way they will visit your site and click your Ads!
  26. Use URL channels if you want to determine the performance for individual pages.
  27. If your CTR is low for certain pages, mix it up. Try changing the Titles or produce more content. You will be pleastantly surprised.
  28. Check back for our tutorial on Google Analytics. We will have an indepth breakdown of how to maximize this great tool provided by Google.
  29. This is a good one. Take advantage of Ad Filters to BLOCK LOW PAYING ADVERTISERS. This is great tip and one that can help increase your profits.
  30. Not everyone has an RSS Reader. Gain the edge from your competition, use an RSS to email service like FeedBlitz, Bloget, or Rmail and let your users subscribe to your RSS content via email. It’s smart and your users will appreciate it. It’s also a great way to gain another way to reach your visitors.
  31. Use the AdSense for search Top Queries report so you can see what your users are looking for. You will get a list of the 25 most common search terms made through your AdSense for Search boxes. You can use this to create new topics to write about or publish.
  32. Focus on providing content your readers will benefit from. Then continue to improve that content. You will be getting hits and revenue before you know it.

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