Godaddy Refer-a-Friend program is retiring soon!

We just receive the following email from GoDaddy . Seems that GoDaddy wan’t to stay more focus on their earnings kicking out the referral program .

We’re retiring the Refer-a-Friend program.
Thank you for participating in the GoDaddy Refer-a-Friend program over the past couple years, TheHostBay. We’ve decided to let the program retire to make room for new promotions and projects. We hope you’ll continue to recommend GoDaddy to your friends, family and fellow small business owners.

The Refer-a-Friend program will officially retire on September 10, 2015. After that date, the Refer-a-Friend section of your account will no longer be available, credits won’t be earned for orders using your referral code, and the discount associated with your referral code will expire. Any credits you’ve already earned will stay in your shopper account for 2 years from the date they were issued.

If you have questions about the service discontinuation process, please call our 24/7 Support team at (480) 505-8821.

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