Even more free storage – Cloud Storage

Who don’t need more free storage? Even when we have 10-20-30-40 or even 50GB free storage somewhere we always ask for more, more or less all of us love the FREE services ! If you are one of us take a look on these services:

BT Cloud

Maximum free storage: 50GB
Maximum file size:No limit

The just-launched BT Cloud is free for all BT Broadband customers. Users with a standard (cheaper) package will receive 2GB of online storage, while those on the new Totally Unlimited Broadband or 76Mbps Infinity deals will get 50GB. There are also mobile apps for Android and iOS.


Maximum free storage: 2GB
Maximum file size: No limit

Although you only get 2GB for FREE, SpiderOak lets you use it to back up your data, sync it, and share files with friends. You can also connect multiple drives and devices. SpiderOak prides itself on security, claiming to offer a higher level of protection for your files than any other service.


Maximum free storage 5GB
Maximum file size: No limit

SugarSync lets you sync 5GB of data across an unlimited number of devices, and will back up files automatically. There are free apps for iPhone,iPad,Android,BlackBerry,Windows Phone and Symbian, making it one of the most versatile online storage services.
Ubuntu One
Maximum free storage:20GB
Maximum file size:200MB (website uploader); No limit (Desktopa appplication)
Despite its name, Ubuntu One is also available for Windows and Mac OS. You get 5GB of storage for FREE, but can expand this to 20GB by reffering friends.
There are also apps for Android and iOS that let you access, manage and share files on your mobile device.

Maximum free storage:25GB
Maximum file size:25MB
Cubby is a new online storage service from the remote-access company LogMein. You get 5GB of free space and 1GB for each referral. A feature called Direct Sync lets you sync unlimited folders across computers without using your cloud storage quota.

Maximum free storage:15MB
Maximum file size:5MB
Although JustCloud’s free limit is low, there’s a 35-pe-cent discount on its feature-packed Home, Premium and Unlimited plans. These offer 75GB,250GB and unlimited online storage, respectively , with prices starting at 4.49 pounds per month. Look for the secret link on JustCloud’s home page o.

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