Do You Have The Best Website Hosting Service For Your Needs?

The world has become a smaller place. In fact, we can now chat with a business owner in China, order goods and get them delivered direct to your home in a space of 24 hours. This process works in reverse as well. If you have a website, a customer across the globe can get in touch with you almost instantly and buy anything they want. Cash transactions are possible in the blink of an eye through cash portals attached to your website and you actually see cash in your account at the end of the day. What more could you want, right?

Wrong. This entire scenario depends on you having a fully functional, fast and available website that is accessible to customers at anytime during the day or night. What if your website host service goes offline during peak times of the day or what if your web host is cheap but it has so many advertising features, that your website is swamped with ads? In order to get the best from your website, a good host service is critical. The company should understand your needs and provide superior services. If you aren’t sure about what you are using currently, here are a few features your website hosting company must offer you.

Bandwidth and storage
Most website server companies have multiple bandwidth plans you can choose from and the price will vary accordingly. Usually, most companies provide about 5MB of space per website. This is usually enough for more than a hundred web pages. Ideally, the website service company should offer this amount of space for every website owner. If you are getting less than 5MB, you may find it difficult to expand your site in the future. Similarly, almost all website hosting companies will promote the fact that they provide a lot of storage space. However, if this is not really important. You only require extra storage space and bandwidth if you are offering customers downloadable videos, streaming live videos or live feeds or planning on uploading thousands of high resolution images. Do not get swayed by companies that offer a very high bandwidth or storage space. just make sure you choose a package that offers the bare minimum at an affordable rate.

Uptime and downtime
Every mechanical device requires a little downtime. That means, your website service is going to be offline for at least a day every month. This is when the company undertakes repairs, updates and security checks on its servers. Obviously, during this time, your website is going to be offline as well. As a result, you should choose companies that offer a minimum uptime or online time of about 99%. A 1% downtime when the service and your website is unavailable is acceptable. Any website hosting service that has a 10% or more downtime should be avoided. If you are not sure about the downtime, you should check with the downtime with an independent website like HosTracker.

Technology is changing right as we speak. Good hosting companies adapt at the same speed. That means, hosting companies should be able to offer top of the line services to their customers. If you arent sure about what you want, you should be able to contact the technical department to get the right help.

Free website host is a great option for website owners but its now without its problems. A free hosting service means that the company has to cover its revenue with ads. These ads will also cover your website and slow it down. The ads do increase page ranking but in the long run, they can and will affect your business. As a result, it’s a good idea to purchase a paid plan where you will get exactly what you want in an affordable rate.

Take the time to research the company you have selected and don’t be afraid to shift over to another company. Remember the bottom line here is business. Customers actively avoid a company that cannot provide customer service, right? Similarly, a website company that will not provide everything you need to have a 24-7 website is really bringing down your business. You can and should find a company that will provide fulltime support and instant access.

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