Deep review of iPage Web hosting

When we are talking about unlimited source we should keep at mind that there is no such think like “unlimited” source ! When we say that there is unlimited staffs we more or less want to say that for example there will be an Unlimited MySQL databases for example. We all know that as our business expands, we don’t want to be on need of extra database without a host for it. On other services there may be limits on the databases available to you, but here comes iPages gives you the freedom. You can host unlimited SQL databases on your plan .

Of course the same goes for the disk place, bandwidth and e-mail accounts. Even if your traffic increase dramatically – iPage will always have you covered.

Of course we don’t stop here. If you are planing to run a business / corporation website or a community network you will need some unlimited web mail accounts . iPages will also care about this with powerful email interface. You can even forward documents, set up automatic response and even filter out spam on it.  And the best part? iPages care about your security so they provide free virus scans on all incoming documents before they even reach your inbox.

We have test many web host providers at any aspect , we really enjoy the using of iPage’s site creation tools. Included in the hosting package. With iPage you have the chance to choose between not one , not two but three easy-to-use site builders. With which you can build a basic webpage or even more complex site with multiple pages. With the blog and photo gallery setup wizards and the numerous content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress , Gallery2 and Gbook you are more or less free to create everything you want. Of course we would like to see the web hosting service add more programming languages to their repertoire .. currently it only support Perl and Server Side Includes (SSI). If you are interested on adding multimedia files to your website, you will surely enjoy the fact that iPage support Macromedia Shockwave, Midi File, Flash and of course Real Audio and Video.

You can access an FTP account manager, add unlimited FTP accounts and enjoy the benefits of anonymous FTP security. This protection includes support for .htaccess to control user access to directories with sensitive information.

iPage provides enough marketing tools to drive sustainable traffic to your website right out the gate. As is the case with many other web hosting services, iPage includes Google AdWords, Yahoo/Bing Sponsored Search and Facebook Advertising credits in their plan. Such credits are beneficial because they allow you to purchase ad space on those high-profile sites to drive traffic directly to your site. iPage also allows you to access online marketing guides and use Google Webmaster Tools to manage your website. A free listing and 60-day membership for RatePoint’s Newsletter Manager round out their set of serviceable marketing tools.

iPage provides access and error logs in addition to monitors that allow you to see how much bandwidth and disk space you have used. Disappointingly, though, this web hosting provider does not have a statistical analysis program. This would be convenient because it would allow you to see your site traffic and gauge your site’s overall performance based on those statistics.

Is a pleasure to work with iPage web hosting. Right from the cPanel (Control Panel) , you will find out that the user interface is logical, seamless and very easy to navigate. If necessary, you can tailor the features page under the control panel to fit the needs of each individual user. That’s great news for beginners and veterans alike – if you are a beginner, you can view a condensed set of basic, easy-to-use features. For experienced users, every feature category has a “Features for Geeks” button, which opens an extended list of advanced features to match for your skill level. This functionality makes the service accessible to more intermediate users and not just a narrow subset of beginners.

iPage web hosting has an extensive online help center and ticketing system; users can search the knowledgebase for answers to their questions and use the ticketing system if they fail to find the explicit help they need in the knowledgebase. The service also provides useful step-by-step tutorials on how to fully take advantage of the service features. The tutorials are both informative and easy to understand, making them a highly beneficial resource.

For direct technical support, you can contact the web hosting service directly via phone, chat or email 24/7. We placed a few calls to the company and were happy to find we only had to wait a minute or two for an available customer service rep. Furthermore, the representatives were friendly and informative, with a clear understanding of the company’s plans and subsequent capabilities. Upon further research, we found out each of the customer service representatives must undergo an extensive quality assurance process. This extra investment shows.


With very small exceptions of some additional marketing tools and maybe support of more programming languages, there is nothing else that iPage could do to improve its already excellent offerings. Here we have a hosting package that offers true unlimited features and an interface that is so easy to navigate & to understand. iPage is definitely outstanding provider that is certainly a top among other web hosting services.

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