The Complimentary Side Of Web Traffic

Free web traffic comes in many guises but it has one thing in common – it is free to advertise your website and as you promote it free of charge, you can expect to acquire a large following and build your mailing list accordingly. That’s the ideal way and it can work if approached properly. Free web traffic can be generated from the auto surf sites, the traffic generator sites, the viral web sites, plus combinations of each. Traffic Swarm is one of the preeminent and best known traffic generators. Another is Traffic Zap whereby you earn traffic from referring other people to join Traffic Zap. Another system is banner exchanges which offers various numbers of free credits when you join and allows you to add your banner link to the site. You then earn credits by auto surfing websites and this pays for your own website to be viewed by others on that site.

The trouble is that everyone is doing the same thing and, as human nature would have it, after a while the members become blasé about this and seek ways of maximizing the pages they view at any one time. This is easy to do with the multi-tabbed browsers: you simply load up the URL, log into your account on the auto surf site and set up each browser tab to auto surf without actually having to view each website. Of course, this defeats the object – nobody is viewing any site and, while this once worked really well, it’s now a bit hackneyed. Webmasters, themselves, are aware this is happening and have tried to get around it with all sorts of different methods such as manual surfing, having to click onto different shaped icons every few seconds and so on but, no sooner do they bring out some new idea to prevent the cheats, than the cheats find a way to fiddle with the system.

Then, of course, there is link exchanges, websites loaded with keywords, title tagging, content segmentation, text links and back links and exchange links. These are all common knowledge even to the ‘newbies’ to internet marketing. However, what about latent semantic indexing? This little known little trick can launch your website right to the top of the charts if understood and implemented correctly. The best suggestion one can make is to ‘Google’ a book called ‘The Masterplan’. You can obtain the first four chapters for free at the moment and, if you purchase the book, you will have made an incredibly good investment. The idea is based on keyword density but it goes further than that: it is keyword density within the whole context of the web page text. Does it work? There is only one way to find out!

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