Are Larger Brands Always Better for Hosting?

We all want the best in everything, right? So, when setting up a website, you’ll need to have the peace of mind that your files will be hosted by a trustworthy hosting company before you can start worrying about your site’s traffic source.

However, most people will always run to the web hosting giants without giving any thought to upcoming web hosting companies. Search engines will always be flooded with ads from most of these big web hosting companies such that it becomes challenging to look for alternative web hosting companies.

Additionally, large web hosting companies offer extremely affordable rates which are difficult to say no to. However, what most people don’t realize is that these large web hosting companies are actually overselling themselves to remain at the top. True, their services may be excellent, but this tends to have a negative impact on the less computer savvy people who want to set up websites.

To get an understanding of the big debate about large and small web hosting companies, let’s first focus on their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Large Web Hosting Companies

Large Bandwidth
This is an important factor for those who are thinking about setting up a video hosting site. Large bandwidth guarantees you that your website won’t get choked up when a large number of visitors visit your site.

Large Disk Space
Again, this is an important factor if you’re going to be storing large files on your website. Disk space coupled with large bandwidth means the world to most high-end website owners since they rely on these features to serve their clients well.

24-Hour Support
When your site goes offline for just a single hour, there are lots of things that can happen in just this time frame. You might end up losing your current customers as well as potential customers, and word will spread around that your site isn’t reliable. With a 24-hour support, you can guarantee that immediate action will be taken on the problems that your website or websites are facing.

Extremely Cheap Services
With less than $15 a month, large web hosting companies will usually give you the best offers that they have. If you manage to fork out thousands of dollars from your site, the amount of money that you pay to the web hosting company will become insignificant.

Advantages of Small Web Hosting Companies

Small offshore web hosting companies can never compete with large web hosting companies when it comes to bandwidth, disk space, or even pricing. The one thing that small web hosting companies do better than large web hosting companies is by treating their clients with the level of importance that they deserve.

Small web hosting companies value their clients since without them, they would have no business. They are thus keen about providing the very best for their clients regardless of any mishaps. The kind of experience you’ll get with a small web hosting company is usually friendlier if you’re totally new to setting up websites. Most large web hosting companies may not go that extra mile to setup a mere Apache module, but small web hosting companies will do almost everything for you. Though small web hosting companies generally receive few support tickets in a single business day, it would be odd for them to employ additional staff who will take care of complaints outside their normal business hours.

Both small and large web hosting companies have their disadvantages too. For small web hosting companies, there’s usually a lot of limitation when it comes to bandwidth and disk space. Some large web hosting companies, on the other hand, only fail their clients whenever the client uses large amounts of CPU resources. Such cases are rare with small web hosting services since most of the hardware resources are never in high demand.

All in all, larger brands are not necessarily the best for hosting, and neither are the small hosting companies too. The type of hosting company that one settles for must depend on his/her specific needs. Web newbies will always be directed to small web hosting companies since they tend to be more concerned about your needs, and experienced web users will, in most cases, find large web hosting companies more favorable.

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