Some WordPress plugins you should install once you start blogging

Recently I published two articles, about my move from Blogger to WordPress. Today’s post still has something to do with that move, you need to add right after setting up WordPress as it will cover some of the more important WordPress plugins.

There are tons plugins for WordPress users available out there. I am certain many of you wouldn’t even be using the service if there wasn’t such a variety.

After creating my WordPress that is self-hosted blog I tried more than forty different plugins. Although not all of them worked properly, most proved highly useful!

Below is a list of the top nine, divided into categories:

WordPress Plugins to Improve SEO
WordPress SEO by Yoast


On-site SEO is an important ingredient to a well-optimized blog. Letting the search engines know what your article is about right away is almost as important as a good link building campaign.

The WordPress SEO plugin helps you do just that! To start using it you simply add a focus keyword – the keyword that the tool shall monitor. With a rating system (located below the post editor) you learn just how well you have optimized your post for that word that is specific


As you can see the plugin allows you to see keyword density, readability score (very useful metric), image optimization, etc.

An feature that is additional you the ability to add specific descriptions for when you share your post on Google Plus and Facebook. Those will overwrite the meta description, which is generally used.

Additionally what you get with WordPress SEO by Yoast is a fully functional XML sitemap. This means that you don’t have to worry about your posts and pages not being indexed. You also don’t need to resubmit your sitemap or ping your content. That is done automatically.

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