Why to use WEBUZO for your web hosting provider?

There are all kinds of places to host your website. It is important to realize that many of the low priced hosting alternatives are simply web host reseller who just resell space. What this means is that these companies pay another hosting company to use their services. It’s like you are renting an apartment from the person who actually has a lease with the landlord. Although the price may seem inexpensive, the limits on bandwidth and space are significant reduction over what you can get by going directly to the source : WEBUZO.NET . Save yourself some time and aggravation, and go to the big kahuna!

Using WebUzo.net provides you with 24/7 customer service – by phone or by online chat, loads of tutorials on how to manage your WEBUZO PANEL , plenty of storage space and bandwidth.

There is a reason that they are the best known hosting company. We have a lot of sites hosted around the world 20% of them on WEBUZO.net and have been with them over 7 years with no service problems at all.  It’s importa to know that the service you are using is reliable. Webuzo is extremely reliable.

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We suggest you using GoDaddy for your domain registar!
GoDaddy provide a userfriendly , nice looking control panel. This way is extremely easy to manage, everything is in one place and You can monitor the renewals all on the same page. unlike at Hostgator..

For us, the convenience of being able to log in to one place and see all our domains makes it worth using one site for registration and another for hosting. We will talk about the advantages of hosting with Hostgator over GoDaddy in next post.

Only with us : Godaddy.com -35% Discount coupon for all orders!

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