The Way We Guest Post – Content Marketing

It’s difficult, strenuous, and typically a pain in the arse if you’re having a bad day with it.

Yet we do it because it works.  We see our rankings improve and say “that’s the right direction we need to be going.” But will it last? Google will try to become more aggressive as we become more aggressive at guest posting. My prediction for 2014 is that we’ll see algorithmic updates, similar to Penguin, which will dive straight into world of guest posting. It’s not going to be pretty and lots of sites will be either be algorithmically penalised or they’ll receive a lovely penalty notice in Webmaster Tools. I think the implementation of links within articles will be absolutely vital. I don’t however see any of the big sites being penalised. It seems that Google won’t so much penalise big websites, but they’ll silently penalise sites algorithmically by lowering their rankings.

Although, RapGenius is one example of a decently sized brand that was given a manual penalty. However, they were penalised because they were exposed. If you don’t make it obvious, then you simply won’t get caught. It seems that all the big brands that have been penalised have all done blatantly obvious things, which Google have been easily able to pick up on. Case in point, JCPenney who were penalised because they were exposed by the New York Times for ranking for every keyword possible. I’m sure the media agency, who were actually fired as a result of this, felt quite happy that they ranked for every keyword imaginable, but it’s not natural to rank for keywords that fall outside your remit.

Tips & Pointers for Guest posting in 2014

  • Don’t just go on Fiver and buy a few articles that have been spun by a content spinner.
  • Don’t choose just any website to host content that you have. Target high quality websites.
  • I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pay for a post to be up on a website, as Google doesn’t know whether or not you’re paying. What you should be more careful about is the implementation of any links within an article. Definitely do not use exact match anchor text, and go with impartial match anchor text. Implementation is key these days and don’t just go after one keyword; diversification is important.

Have any other pointers for people who guest post? Please post in the comments section below.

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