Uber way to Improve your Website Page Rank

As a webmaster, you have to be aware of PR (PageRank). What is Page rank? PR is just another ranking factor but it’s still important metric used by robots to judge a blog credibility. Before we start talking about how to improve Page rank of your blog or website, let us give you better introduction to PR.

“Page rank, is a ranking system from Google, in which they give any point from 1-10 to a website. A new domain (recently purchased) will usually have N/a or 0 PR. 1 being the starting and 10 being the best point in Google page rank system. Page rank is directly or indirectly related to your site quality and backlinks. More site trusts you and link you, your site will have better credibility in Google eye. Though, it doesn’t mean you go to Fiverr or use some SEO service to build tons of backlinks over night and in no time, Google will ban your site from search.”

All cool but , Why I need to Improve my Page Rank?!
First lets see why PR is useful for your site. There are many people, saying that PR doesn’t matter in terms of traffic (not that is not True…). There is zero relation betwin PR and traffic, BUT having a good Google PR shows that this is credible website.

As an webmaster you need to plan out everything that can work and will help you to improve your website PR. The true Webmasters with established experience in Online Bizz realize the benefits of the PR. Take for example the advertisers, who would like to sponsor a blog post on your blog, but how they will understand that your website is trustable? Exactly they will look out for high PageRank. Betteer PR means that you can bid higher for ad spots and sponsored post.

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How to Determine Your Articles Search Engine Page Ranking

How to improve Page Rank ?
– Use only unique SEO optimized content
– Use heading tags and Keywords
– More Backlinks please – The most important player but be careful because not all links are equal when it comes to BL.
– Article directory submission
– Submit webite to Web directories
– Ask other Webmasters to link to you
– Organize Blog contest
– Fix broken links (nobody like the 404ERROR)

And dont forget that strong Internal linking is the king. If you have been following the SEO strategies o Wikipedia we are sure that you have notice the strong Internal linking that they have.

There are many others way, which you can do but mostly it’s back links which helps. Try to maintain a consistency in back-link building process, which makes it very effective, else too many huge spikes might be a bad idea.

Let us know :Do let us know what are you doing to Improve page rank for your website?

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