Turn your WordPress website in SEO machine

Most webmasters use wordpress, because it is easy to learn, easy to use, flexible enough to create almost any type of website and is also one of the most search engine optimization  CMS.

Not to mention that there are tons of free plug-ins to help you turn your website into whatever you want, the wordpress themes  are some of the most beautiful and functional.

And although WordPress is the number one in terms of optimized content as compared to other CMS it still needs a little modification to become a real SEO machine . So lets see How to turn your WordPress in to SEO machine

In this post we will write our ideas on how relatively easy to unlock the true SEO power of WordPress.

We will give the best plugins that can help your site to work faster , SEO optimized and straight and has better usability for your users.

We have divided plugins into two categories – technical SEO and better usability.

The first category will describe various plugins that will help your WordPress site to avoid the most common SEO mistakes entirely from a technical standpoint.

The second category will describe how to make your site  comfortable and functional for users,

… Because consumer behavior is currently one of the major factors in SEO.

Technical SEO

Let’s start with the lubrication of the machine and with the tightening of loose items in it:
SEO Ultimate

Time to pull out the heavy artillery SEO

SEO Ultimate is to say, your primary SEO plugin. It largely deals with most problems that come from the standard WordPress installation. The plug has a lot more options than more common and popular All in one SEO pack. Here’s what you can do with  SEO Ultimate:

404 Monitor – monitor for missing pages from your site.
Code Inserter – thanks to this module you can easily add any code in different sections of your site. For example, you can add code totag (eg Google Analytics or verification code) before the main content or after the main content (eg Adsens advertisements or other) and code in the footer.
Deeplink Juggernaut – This module allows you to add different words when they meet in the text to be turned into links automatically. We must say that the module has problems with Cyrillic. So below in this article We will give another separate plugin that works perfectly with the Cyrillic alphabet.
File Editor – With this module you quick access your .Htaccess file as well as the robots.txt file. You can edit them directly through the WordPress admin panel, because it is easier (and more beautiful).
Link Mask Generator – This module of SEO Ultimate plugin allows you to “camouflage” links from your site. We personally do not find practical application, but may be appropriate, for example if you have a blog that you use different affiliate programs and want to hide that the link is aff.
Meta Descriptions – This module gives you the freedom to write a description of each page, post, category or tag on your site. You can change the description and the homepage.
Meta Robots Tags – One of the most useful modules in SEO Ultimate. With its help you will easily find yourself which part of your site to be indexed and which not. Useful in solving problems with duplicate content. You can choose between categories, tags, archives by date, by author archives and pagination. According to the type of website you define, what you do not need to be inserted into the index and disable it.
Open Graph Integrator – useful module to integrate your site with social networks.
Title Tag Rewriter – It’s time to rewrite the headers in your site. With this module you can write better titles on each page of your site. Besides the home page, you can write titles and categories, tags, archives and everything else you name your site.
Miscellaneous – these are extras. For example, you can add if your theme does not generate it. If it generates, do not switch. You can add buttons for social networks, and add verification in Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools. SEO Ultimate plugin has many options. For example, when writing a new post or create a new page, you can add, etc. stars that appear in the results on Google. Moreover, if in your WordPress account (nickname you use to sign) add the URL of your Google plus account will automatically be added to authorship, do not need to be fumbling and add it manually in the code on the site, or to install separate plugins thereof.

Google XML Sitemaps

The boy who spoke with Hood in a strange language …

Want to communicate more easily with Google?

If yes – then create a site map, created exclusively for Google. The site map is the language in which you’re communicating ease with the search engine.

In the plugin settings specify which parts of your site to be added to the map.

So designed correctly what you put in the site map and then generated by the plugin. Once generated, it is updated with the addition of each post or page.

Same sitemap need to add in Google Webmaster Tools for Google to know which pages to crawl and understand the structure of your site.

WP No Category Base

To remove the prefix category, which does not do any work on their part

WordPress by default comes with a rather silly structure of their categories.

And it is that if you have a category name wordpress and try to access it, the system will return the following URL:

example.com / category / wordpress

But if at the same time the structure of our website is:

/% Category% /% postname% /

and try to access to publications, then we will get another URL, which loses its logic from the one above:

example.com/wordpress/50-best-wordpress-themes-2013 /

If you try to access the address:

example.com / category /

will receive 404 – nonexistent page. Which also does not make sense and is not good in terms of SEO.

So the plugin WP No Category Base removes the prefix category, while doing a 301 redirect from the old URL-s to the new.

You will not lose traffic or PageRank! Therefore, when we try to reach publication, URL-then we will get will be:

example.com/wordpress/50-best-wordpress-themes-2013 /

When access category we have:

example.com / wordpress

already seems quite logical.
Permalink Trailing Slash Fixer

Insert more logic in the URL of your site

Let’s take a little bemused at the URL-th of WordPress!

Plug Permalink Tailing Slash Fixer is recommended to be used only if you use categories on your site and have used the previous plugin (WP No Category Base) that you remove the prefix from the category URL.

Before you turn this plugin URL-s of categories and posts look like this:

example.com / wordpress

example.com/wordpress/50-best-wordpress-themes-2013 /

These addresses are not bad, but since wordpress category is a folder (ie it contains publications) better address end with a slash.

Here’s how it should look perfect URL:

example.com / wordpress /

example.com/wordpress/50-best-wordpress-themes-2013 /

To make your URL-s – just install and activate the plugin, no other settings on it.

It is important to clarify that the plugin adds a slash on the pages of your WordPress, by default come without. Redirects to become automatic and you will not lose traffic.
Similar Posts

Making interconnectivity between different pages of your site

Using the Similar Posts, after the end of each post will automatically generate links to similar posts of your WordPress site. As you know – the relevance is one of the strongest factors in SEO.

That’s why well made themes provide links among themselves. This plugin will do just that for you! Settings plugin quite like – you set yourself based on what the relevance is formed.
SEO Links for WordPress

Even greater interconnectivity style Wikipedia

Do you want to further improve the coherence of your site? If yes – then give you the best plugin for this purpose – SEO Links for WordPress.

It is Bulgarian development and creation of 3D Web Design. This plugin takes words from text to your site and converts them into links automatically.

The settings for this plugin are:

Ability to link a URL to a few different words. (Example: web design, web design, web designer)
Sets whether a link can be normal or nofollow.
Set which link the text to be converted into a link – the first, last or random.
Set where to open the link – in the same window or in a new one.
Set how often to turn words into links – the possibilities are 1/1 – this means that in every publication texts will turn into links. Other options are user – as you set them. For example, if set 1/3 -, this means that only every third position, the text it will be converted into links.
Set how the same words of the text to be converted to a link. I leave the default one because Google account only the first link to one address.

Note: The plug-in is paid, but the price is not high, so also recommend it.

Auto Excerpt everywhere

Another bullet against duplicate content …

If the theme you are using does not support the possibility of excerpt-tion of publications, this plugin will do a good job. Actually excerpt is showing only part of a publication.

This needs to be done – first, to facilitate the user to view only the headers with some text and – secondly, to avoid duplicate content, which is always bad for the ranking of website.

Our aim is – each page to display custom text.

In this plugin you can set after how many characters of text to shorten your posts, and what text to display the link – for example – click here, read more, read the full article, etc.

Your personal URL “cop”

Do you enjoy. Htaccess files? A complex commands? We do not! So use ready plugins to make life easier for you. This is the plugin Redirection.

This is the best that exists for WordPress, when it comes to 301 redirects. If you have a non-existent pages giving 404 errors, you can easily redirect to the home page, for example.

And all this is done through your admin panel with a nice graphical environment.

But if at any time you change your permalink structure throughout your site, replace it calmly, Redirection will make it necessary for you without losing any traffic.
Hyper Cache Extended

Faster loading site, less load on the hosting

One of the best caching plugins for WordPress ever created!

It makes the entire content of your site static, and in turn promotes more rapid charging of your site (which is a huge plus for SEO) and other goods much less load for your hosting account.

You have the option to set whether your feed to be cached, as well as comments on your blog.
For better usability

Visitor is our king! You have to make him feel happy!


When mobile traffic is becoming increasingly important …

Your theme does adaptive design?

If yes – then you can safely skip this plugin. However, if your site is displayed as you see it on the Desktop computer, then you need a mobile version of your site.

The mobile version is something that is already mandatory for any site. Users want beautiful sites that fit their elegant designs in 4 to 10 inch screen.

We can’t to not mention that mobile traffic tends to a year or two to surpass that which comes from the desktop, right? Well, if you did not know – now you know!

And so it is time to take care of your customers feel happy. WPtouch will do just that for you! It will create a mobile version of your WordPress site.

Without creating subdomains (m.example.com), without marrried. Css-it on your site. You can choose the colors and layout what and how to display.
Breadcrumb NavXT

Hansel and Gretel used breadcrumbs to navigate along the way …

If your theme has a navigation etc. “Crumbs”, then again you can skip this plugin. However, if you do not like the navigation while using a structure deep within your site, you can install this plugin.

We want to clarify that it is not mandatory, but is recommended and only for sites with deeper structure. Thereby facilitating users to navigate more efficiently and faster in your site.
Rich Text Tags

Descriptions, explanations and descriptions … again

We are SEO-th obsessed with unique content. Keep absolutely every single page to be absolutely unique in part of content that not rehash with any other.

When you write posts that’s easy. But what about the categories and tags? By default, you can not write content in these specific pages.

But with the help of Rich Text Tags is possible to write more than descriptions. You can add images, videos, links – all you add in a normal post.

Both tags and categories will not be duplicated or empty content, and will be such as you type them. Elementary, Watson!
Widget Logic

Add logic to the widgets in the sidebar

We are sure most of you have not heard of this plugin. By default, when you add new gadgets (widgets, widgets), they are displayed on all pages of your WordPress site.

Moreover, in some situations and in certain specific sites are not always a good idea.

That’s why We chose the plugin Widget Logic to help you specify a widget to display only specific pages – for example specific categories only home page or all pages without starting, etc.

The choices are many. Here again, however, have elements of programming that sometimes prick! Actually it is not that complicated.

Of each widget that is currently running on your site, you receive one additional field called Widget Logic (as it says plugin itself).

It must put magic spells, that can specify where to display and where to display the widget does not. The good thing is that the plugin page has examples so that everyone (hopefully) easily will orient.
Widgets on Pages

Add widgets to your pages

We’re sure most of us sometimes search for a plugin that does something very specific that somehow helps or facilitates your users.

And just when you think you’ve found it appears that the plugin can be added only as a widget in the sidebar (what a bad feeling).

Yes, however you want to add functionality to say in a post or page, not in the sidebar. Well, no problem! Widgets on Pages does exactly that!

This plugin is very easy to operate with.

You add some additional sidebar (which are not really true). This number depends on you – from what you set in the plugin settings.

When you click on the widget, you can see all available widgets that you can add your saydbarovete – real and those widgets on pages created for you.

When you drag & drop widget in one of the virtual sidebars they generate code. This code is to place it in the desired page or post. And that’s it.

Writing PHP code directly in your posts and pages

How are your programming? Have you ever wanted to use WordPress adding plain text and pictures and additional features with PHP scripts?

Exec-PHP does just that. Feel free to add PHP code in your pages or posts, and when a visitor opens the page, the code will be executed.

Allow users to evaluate your content

Do you want to allow your website visitors to appreciate your content? If so – it kk Star Ratings will do a great job.

In the settings of the plugin you have a choice of where to display the rating stars. Whether the top or bottom of the post and that the left side of the post or from the right.

You can choose different variations of stars, and to determine how to be their number. The good thing is that the assessment, which receives a publication will be displayed in the results on Google.
PS Auto Sitemap

Sitemap – this time entirely to your users

PS Auto Sitemap is a plugin that creates a beautiful sitemap for your visitors. Unlike the site map for Google (Google XML Sitemaps), this sitemap is made entirely for your visitors.

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