The diversity of Do-Follow No-Follow links

On previous post we talk about about the natural links profile. Now we will talk about the diversity of links , Do-follow and No-follow diversity and of course Anchor text diversity.Link Diversity

A natural link profile means that you have links from many different sources (links from websites, blogs, forums, new sites…) it doesn’t look natural if all your links come from blog comments, but you don’t have a single link from any of the web 2.0 websites. To be more specific: Is it natural that a website with 5 links has all of its links from forums? Yes, because if we think about that, every website needs to get its first links somewhere. This one got them from forums. But, if the same website had 1.000 links and all those links would come from forums, would that look natural? Chances that people would add 1,000 links to forums and not even a single link anywhere else, are very small. That is why these links are considered unnatural links and Google doesn’t count them.

We know some of the general, more popular sources of backlinks. You can get links by publishing articles in article directories, by creating web 20.0 sites, by guest posting on people’s blogs (which is very powerful), by publishing videos (on YouTube, Vimeo), by writing blog comments, by participating on forums with a link in your signature…. There are many iptions and if you have a feeling that you won’t be able to find enough sources for your links, stop worrying right now. We’ll let you know exactly where you can get them.

A very important part of link diversity is also poiting links to different pages of your website. Some links need to point to your homepage, others to subpages.

Anchor text diversity

Anchor text (some people know it as link label, link text or link title), is the visible , clickable text in a hyperlink. You got me – We had to look on Wikipedia to find the correct definition. Well, we should at least try to make the most out of it – our anchor text in the link to Wikipedia is the blue word “Wikipedia”.

Anchor text diversity simply means that you should link to your websites with different anchor texts to make your link profile look more natural. Simply said, if you website is about “snow blowers” you should link to your website with anchor texts like “snow blower”, “snow blowers”, “the best snow blower”, “blower” and many other combinations. To bemake everything look even more natural, you should also link to your website with anchor text like “click here”, “visit the link”, “check this site” and other “unrelated” anchor texts. Finally, the anchor text of a least some of your links should be the bare URL of your website. You know, the thing that usually stars with “http://”

Do-Follow, No-Follow

auto mass trafficWell, for starters, We can say that there are no “Do-Follow” backlinks. All links are “Do-Follow” if they aren’t  “No-Follow”. “No-Follow” is an attribute of every HTML link that tells Google and other search engines that this link to the website shouldn’t influence the target pages Page Rank. Simply said – “No Follow” links have less (or no) value for search engines. Does this means you should avoid them? definitely NOT – a link is a link and it is very important that you get the “No-Follow” links as well. It difinitely doesn’t look natural if all your links are “Do-Follow”. That’s why we at ignore the “No-Follow” questions. We’ll try to get as much links as possible and we won’t care if they are marked as “No-Follow” or not. Consequently, we’ll make just the right mix of “Do and No Follow” links to make them look natural.

Note: Don’t be scared… We know that you’ve probably heard many new things by now, but don’t worry. We’ll walk through every step- We’ll show you exactly what you need to do in order to get these links If all of this was completely new to you, you may want to wait until tomorrow before you start the actual work. Feel free to read the rest of our posts on the SEO Optimization category

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