The Social Traffic System Overview

Social traffic system consists of a combination of, Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer App and Pinterest. It sounds like quite a mouthful but wait to see how easy it is to set up you will understand why it is such a powerful approach. I also suggest that you set up landing pages with squeeze pages for your products or for you offline customer’s products.

The Social Media Traffic idea is as follows

You become a social media publisher in your specific niche or market and you get authority figures to provide content and also tell their followers that they are published in your online publications. is an online social media content aggregator that will, for example, aggregate content from a Twitter feed and publish that as an online paper. So what does this mean?

It means you can use the tweets by authority figures to create an online publication either daily or weekly, that you can use to combine with your own content. This in itself will not bring additional traffic, but if you set it up correctly and you approach the authority figures who you are publishing, they will promote your online paper to their followers. It is important to choose the right authority figures that publish valuable content on a regular basis and also have a significant following.

You start off by creating two new Twitter accounts. The first Twitter account will be the publisher of a daily online newsletter or paper that is created automatically by following authority figures in your specific market or niche. Once their content shows up in your online newsletter or daily paper, you approach them to re-tweet the link of your papers to all the followers. We choose specific authority figures that have a large following and also provide valuable content rather than telling people what they had for breakfast.

The age old psychological effect of significance comes into play as these authority figures like to see themselves published and recognized and most of them retweet to their followers that they are published in your online publication. People like to be recognized and it also gives them the opportunity to do self-promotion using your third-party channel to do that. The fact that they are published with other leading authorities gives them an ego boost and they like to tell others about it. This approach works for both promoting your own product or affiliate products as well as doing this for offline customers. As these authority figures promote your paper to the followers you pick up more followers who in turn can be approached (by including them in your online publication) to promote this to their followers. In doing this for an offline customer, we have found that over a three-month period we signed up a few hundred followers with over 50 authority figures in the specific market amongst them. It increased the traffic to the landing pages that we set up for the customer as the online publication started going viral.
Outsourcing of Social media services

If you do not have enough time or you do not have the knowledge how to deal with your social media connections, then try to outsource them from a 3rd party. Those parties who provide professional services. PTS Multimedia is such an advertising agency which provide social media optimization for your business. Along with Social media services it also provide SEO services, PPC advertising, Video production,content management and web design.

PTS multimedia is one among those all in one branding agency which helps you to brand your business in the internet in creative way.

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