Shrink photos to speed up your site

1. You should shrink digital photos before you host them on your website, to make your web pages load quicker and speed up your site. Go to and click Try it Now, then Upload your Photo. Select a picture and click Open. It will be processed automatically. 2 Sign up with the service to upload more than one at a time. Log in, hover over the My Menu button and choose My Albums, Click Upload Your Photos, click Select Photos and select multiple pictures from the Open windows. While they’re uploading, Name the album and click Create Album.

3. Once the photo are compressed, you’ll get an email to tell you they’re ready. Return to the album and click Download to retrieve the smaller images, or send them to Flickr or Picasa. They stay on the JPEGmini site for five days, or you can delete them yourself by clicking the dustbin.


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