At THB, we view the SEO of today as a technical project manager. SEOs need to be specialised enough technically to be able to go through server log files and unpick how a site is crawled; they need to be able to work with developers on frontend code to implement markup, analytics tracking code and so on, as well as a host of other things besides. Equally though, today’s SEOs have to have a broad range of skills in order to be capable of working with designers and other creative production teams on commissioning and refining a variety of creative materials. Whilst they don’t do this work themselves, they absolutely need to be able to converse with those teams in the language that they use. That role is something we see other, more specialist professions

struggle with. It’s understandable too, as they’re not as exposed constantly to all the types of content that we encourage our people to seek out. And nor should they be; as specialists, they’d be less effective in their chosen discipline if they did. The result though is a lack the breadth of understanding wide to be able to ensure a consistently high quality of output, across such a broad range of material types. It’s fair to say that we’re trying to make our staff into a hybrid project manager/technical SEO.
The Above left MMM3000 (Saatchi & Saatchi working for Mattessons) gained huge social traction, but a lack of search consideration limited its success Above right Thanks to CSS and JS frameworks, designers and developers can build rapid prototypes to better represent creative concepts to the client closest analogous position in a traditional production role would be a marketing coordinator, although they tend to lack the specific technical depth we train our SEOs to have, and instead have a deeper knowledge of creative media and production, specialising in fewer areas.

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