[SEO] Search Engine Optimization Terms

Term used in SEO

There are numerous terms that are used in the search engine optimization. Those terms are discussed are below

Log File

This log file is made by a particular web server. This file includes all sorts of information about the action that are done on the particular server.

PPC (Pay Per-Click)

These are the search engines and there all the advertiser display the results of that search always; there any one might clack on your link. There are various foremost PPC search engines which are prevailing in this time. Google, Ad words, overture and spotting are the example of these search engines.


These are the links that are used for moving the web between the pages. The foremost search engines utilized these forms for getting the later portion of their various folders.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

This click through rate indicates the number of times of a link. This is used by the sailors. This is separated by the number ob times that the link is presented (in turn called printing).


This term contains various information. Images, text and other various information are available here.

IP Address:

This IP Address stands for internet protocol address. It discovers the computer that is properly connected to the internet.


Various web pages that are indexed and these are included in these directories. Yahoo and Open Directory Project are the most essential directories.

Doorway Page:

For every browser and a certain keyword this doorway page is created and optimized. The usage of the several pages of this sort permits the same content. This content bears an appropriate position in various browsers. But this tactic is extremely castigated by the foremost search engines.

Deep Links

These deep links indicate the links that are numerous stages which take the position below the domain root.

Cross Links:

This link is built up of several web sites. For the development of the search engine positioning this link is appeared. It would be punished if something is found out.


This is particular software for identifying the deceptive practices. One of these deceptive practices straightly exerts a punishment to the web site, if this filter identifies a search engine.


With the help of this frames numerous search engine could be controlled. Various difficulties still there for attempting a web site for frames that single one without ‘frames’.


This HTML stands for hyper text markup language. The static pages are generally written with this language. This language is also used for identifying the links to pages and objects.

Site Map

Two important facilities are contained by this site map. This site map makes all the visitors to get their mode much easily and simply around the site.  It also makes it easy for the search engine for indexing ones site.

Domain Name:

This domain name is the name of text that relates to an IP number from a computer linked to the internet.

Domain Name:

This is the text name corresponding to an IP number from a computer connected to the Internet.

 Mate Search

This Meta search is a specialized web site. This is used for checking with different search engines at the same time and for showing the information in a way that is easily understandable and properly arranged.

Meta Tags

This Meta tags are the HTML tags. One need the keywords for finding his web site and those key words are included in this HTML tags. During the time when any one desires for positioning his web site then this Meta tags are essentially required, because search engines rank the pages in accordance with the Meta tags which are found by the Meta tags. In this cases the title, analysis and the keywords are foremost used.

Search Engines

The search engine is very much essential method in these cases. By this system various web sites are found and indexed. This search engine also permits all the users to find what is on these sites through the key words. One might be known about from which search engines visitors are approaching to his site through one stat.

Much content

A large amount of text is presented on the web site. There much information than the search engines might be accumulated from a web site. On the experiment of the web site this might bring an optimistic consequence.

Indexed pages:

The entire number of the pages are signifies by the indexed pages. Those entire pages are properly visited and indexed by the Google in its web site. How much the site is indexed by a search engine, this could be terminated by the indexed pages.

Web site optimization:

This web site optimization is a detail description that contains the HTML code, web tactics, tags, key words etc. this web site optimization also indicates the design, construction, and contents through a perfect web page is built up for taking to reach the peak point of the search engines or making it the first result of the search engines that is admired widely

Web site optimization for the search engines:

This web site optimization is regarded as the method of alteration and description of the web pages. Through the help of this method one could be easily able to place the position of the page into the uppermost position among the foremost search engines. The description is very much inclusive because of containing labels, tags titles, codes and web design. If any one desires he is most welcomed to verify the development of our web site optimization or the search engines optimization.

Page rank

This page rank is quite arithmetical value. This page rank is properly imposed by the Google to every page that is exists in its record. Google computes the arithmetical value. For that Google uses the particular algorithms that are based on quantitative valuation.

Entry pages:

The number of times of a page is referred to by this entry page. Within the course of the visitor who clacks on one’s site, this entry page comes at the very beginning. If the home page is not at the peak point in the list then this page must bears a towering number.

Exit pages:

The number of times of a page is also referred to by this exist page. Within the course of the visitor who clacks on one’s site. Until one bears numerous active content on his site, normally this exist page or home page must contains a numerous number in its list. The site is seen by the consumers only for a single time.

Search key words / phrases:

For achieving a particular web site these key words are utilized by the users in the search engines. With the help of the Stat one might be easily and exactly informed abut the number of search words which are being used by the visitors for finding one’s web site.


This criminalization indicates the penalty assigned to an exacting page from a search engine. This penalty is provided for the utilization of the positioning strategy against the perspective standards of that form. This type of penalty is frequently generated on account of the loosing of positions and of the evaporation of the web site.

PFI (Pay for Inclusion):

Sometimes the search engines and the various directories indict a set amount. The charge is set for the consideration as well as for having the evaluation of the inclusion of a particular page in its record. In various cases this PFI is not able to provide the warranty for a specific position.


This platform indicates various operating system; such as Windows XP, Windows 98, Macos, Linux, etc.

Flash portal:

With a marketing campaign this flash portal is capable to have conversation with the search engines. For the proper action the search engines is always seek for the exact text in a web page. Search engines are planned by various sites exhibition without text for being indexed. In the time when a page is observed with flashing during indexing by a particular search engines at that time the site might be indexed during the visiting of the search engine around the beginning.

Web positioning in the search engines:

This web positioning in the search engines optimization indicates the answer of the reason a particular method’s looking for upper position below the particular search on the search engines.


This relevance indicates the similarity of a page. This page contains a particular listing of results made by a search with a particular theme or the information that a navigator always looks for.


This sever indicates a particular computer which swarms the information that are offered to the clients on the internet or on other network.

Referring site:

This referring site indicates the web site’s URL. This URL bears a link which acts as an indication for the visitors for approaching to a particular site.

Titles different pages:

The title for a page is very much essential. Every page bears own subject. The title of the page indicates what the context contains. By the title of a page, a search engine is verified.

Top ten seekers:

These top ten seekers indicates the page that is scheduled in the top ten search engines results for a particular key word or phrase.

First time visitors:

This first time visitor discover the visitor those who are for the first time by the nonappearance of a cookie.

Visitor’s returners:

This term means the figure of the visitors those who in a particular time existed at their own site for being returned and have returned. This term decides the visitor’s no returning through the cookie. The visitors those who are supposed to be returned are calculated for single time during the period. They bear several entries to the site.

Unique visitors:

These unique visitors are the visitors who are supposed to visit in day. They are to visit on a particular day that is provided to them. A visitor might be regarded as the first time visitor or the non returner visitor. In the time of period merely for a single time those unique visitors are calculated but during the period of accessing to a web site they are calculated for numerous times.

Page views:

During the period of entries to any site page views, no access to images, audio, video or advertisements these are properly evaluated by the HTML [pages, dynamic pages and forms.

Average page visitors:

This average page visitor indicates the quantity of the pages that each visitor has observation on average.

3-way link exchange:

This 3-way link exchange indicates the method of link’s exchange conformity between three sites. A site of links to site b – b link to other site c – c link to another site.


The search engine usually utilizes this algorithm which is a type of formula for doing the action of classification.

Anchor text:

This anchor text indicates a text that is a hyperlink.

Back links:

This back links indicate the links those are drawn from other web site to one’s web site. This back links bring a high opportunity for any one in the world of SEO. There the more one bears these back links; his site gets the superior page rank.

Black hot SEO:

This black hot SEO is an unprincipled SEO system. This SEO system or process is utilized for categorizing one’s site as a site with letters that are out of sight, a background that is black, etc.


This cache is the name of a storing or hoarding part that exists in the search engine record or database. Here various web pages could be stored up by any one.


This chi-bin indicates a particular folder that bears the line of the gateway binaries and the scripts.


This cloaking is regarded as a black-hat method. This method is used for the distribution of the content that is customized to a web site search engine spider.  But during the distribution of the customized content, the code or the information is kept hidden to the visitors.

Do follow:

It very much standard for any incoming link which does not bear the feature “do follow”.


This Firefox is a type of web browser that is expanded by the Mozilla. Any one is allowed to download this Firefox freely. Then one can use it in alternation of the Microsoft Internet Explorer.


This folksonomy indicates the social networks that are maintained by the users who use the similar social network. Del.icio.us, technorati.com, flickr.com etc are the example of this.

Java Script:

This java script is type of language. This is a language for the script programming. It provides a wide contribution in browsers. This also contributes in the improvement of the web. Any one can write script with this language.

Key words or the key word:

These key words are usually found on the web pages. These key words supply the analysis of the goods, product, service or any information which are displayed by the web site. These are presented into the Meta tag “keywords”.  The Meta tag “key words” are precluded by several search engines on account of mistreatment which has been built up of them. That is why it is very much essential for the illumination of the standards utilized by the search engines and the directories.

Link popularity or the league:

This term is the quantity of the necessity of an internet web site. This web site is based on the number of exterior links. This term is foremost essential objects that are utilized by the search engines for classifying the result that are showed to the sailors. The link popularity or the league describes the wide necessity of a web site. It is normally believed by the search engines that various sites bear usual links or connection to one’s web site then the content of his web site might be of superior quality.


It is believed that if any one bears the higher quality of the popularity links then he would surely take the superior position in the Google.

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