[SEO] Role of Social Media in SEO

Search engine giant Google has redefined the way we carry out a search. On the other hand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies are battling it hard to have their clients listed on the first few pages of search results. SEO companies are highly dependent on social media to obtain a high ranking on search result pages. The various forms of social media play a paramount role in the SEO field. 

How SEO works

SEO works on the basis of three aspects. Creating quality content, using the right keywords and finally incorporating powerful meta-tags. Off late social media has begun to play a key role in SEO and internet marketing. One of the most widely used social media tools are Social Networking Sites (SNS). Such websites are used as a platform to connect millions of people across the globe. In this highly networked economy, SNS’s are being widely used by many small and large businesses to improve sales. A majority of SNS have high page ranking on search engines. This is one of the reasons why social media is widely being used by businesses.

How social media websites help SEO

Social media websites are used as a shortcut to gain individual popularity. Such websites when also used in business can help business grow. You can create a business profile on social networking websites and post articles and images about the products and services that you deal with. When you share websites and web pages on social networking sites, they will be indexed by search engines. If the social networking site that you use ranks high on search engine result pages, websites and web pages you share through them will also benefit. There are many social networking sites in different niches. Choose the right site that matches your business needs.

List of top social networking websites that help SEO

Social Networking Sites (SNS’S) are widely used in social marketing. Similarly SEO and social marketing go hand in hand. In no order of importance a few of the top SNS’s that have helped social marketing have been listed.

Facebook www.facebook.com

Twitter www.twitter.com

You Tube www.youtube.com

Delicious www.delicious.com

MySpace MyAds www.myspacemyads.com

Technorati www.technorati.com

Digg www.digg,com

Google’s latest update to bring down SEO impact on web marketing

Website designers before Google’s Penguin algorithm had created many artificial backlinks on the various social media platforms to promote their business and official websites and web pages online. However, post Penguin algorithm webmasters are working hard to create natural backlinks for business websites and web pages.

Social media marketing tips for an improved SEO result

You can adopt the following social media marketing techniques to improve SEO ranking of your website.

· Generate powerful content ideas by using social networks.

· Make use of social media presence to encourage backlink building.

· To minimize your dependency on search traffic generate a social media following.

It is very important that you develop content that is original, unique and do not borrow content from other sources. Search engines these days are doing away with websites and blogs that are responsible for spreading spam. If you think you are smart, be aware that search engines have only gotten smarter these days.


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