SEO optimization in 2016

SEO has changed a lot from 15 years ago, where all you had to do was create a basic html website with your business details, upload to it to a host and wait a few days or a few weeks at the most to have it show up on the front page for your selected keywords.

In 2015 SEO is a lot different. SEO is a skill and should be used as part of an overall Digital Marketing Campaign.


“SEO needs to be part of a larger Digital Marketing Strategy”

“It must deliver the right content to the right people, at the right time”

“In 2015, more businesses will be advertising online than ever before”

How many people out there with blogs kept reading up on SEO from dubious and sometimes not so dubious sources, only to find out that what they were doing in the last six months is now getting their websites banned in Google?

SEO hasn’t died, in fact the SEO industry is booming and it’s bigger than ever, but it has been brought under the umbrella of Digital Marketing and this is where is deserves to be.

SEO needs to be completed for any serious website, otherwise you are throwing good money down the drain for years to come.

If SEO is not performed on your website, your landing pages will not be optimised, which mean you will be paying more for your PPC advertising.

You will also be losing hits from search engines because your page rank will not be as high as it should.

Users will not be getting a good experience and will spend less time on your website, giving it a higher bounce rate. You users are everything. They will spend money with you, they will recommend you to other people and they will share your content with their friends online.

It’s never too late to optimise your website for search engines and it should be done as soon as possible. If you have a website that has been sitting out there for years with just a few pages on it, don’t worry, that can be a good thing. The longer your website has been active the better, even if you haven’t been adding much content to it or keeping it up to date, now is the time to start.

Make sure your website is professional, clean and fast. Either money, time or both should be invested into making it look as good as possible.

For companies who have been doing SEO “the right way” for the last few years, it is now paying off dividends. You may have been disappointed in the past that your SEO efforts seemed like they were all for nothing, but things have definitely changed since Google’s algorithm updates.

Take for example a company called Chicago Power Tools, owned by Harbour Freight. They launched this particular brand way back in 1983 and around 2010 some “entrepreneur” decided to register the domain name and used some keyword spamming tactics to create a website that showed up first in Google when users types in “Chicago electric power tools”. This website was at the top of Google for a few months and was listed for sale as a money maker, guaranteeing that it would bring in the buyer about $300 a month in Google Adsense revenue.

Of course the website was eventually removed from the front page of Google during one of the algorithm updates (hopefully no one actually paid good money for it) and the legitimate Harbor Freight website moved up into the top position soon after

Organic hits for legitimate businesses are growing and with the help of social media networks, companies who have helpful content on their website have seen huge increases in the number of visitors.

If you want more customers immediately, then run a Google Adwords campaign, advertise on social media networks like Facebook & Twitter etc, but no matter what you do, make sure your SEO is taken care of first. It will reduce the overall cost of your Google Adwords campaigns because your Quality score will be higher.

Digital Marketing includes Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media Management & Social Media Advertising, Content Creation & Management and Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO can be used by itself to gain higher rankings in search engines and it will work. But remember who you are competing against.

Your competitors, if they’re not already implementing a complete Digital Marketing Plan already, they plan to do so in the near future.

A great way to look at SEO in 2105 and in the foreseeable future is instead of optimising your website for search engines, start optimising it for people.

If you follow our SEO guide, you will be guaranteed to get more people visiting your website and it won’t just be random people, it will be people who are actively searching for the services and products that your business sells.

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