[SEO] Keyword Rich Blogging For SEO

Blog posts can provide numerous benefits when the content created is rich in keywords, not only will the search engines view the blog as favorable, but well written content provides good reading and an avenue to direct business to your website. It is important to remember to choose the keywords that you want to use and then keep them consistent throughout the blog. Remember that although you want the content to be keyword rich, you do not want to saturate the content too heavily, as this will be frowned upon by the reader and search engines. It is important to have a well-balanced blog containing readable, informative content that is keyword rich.

One of the primary reasons that a great blog can help SEO is because of the creation of inbound links. Inbound blog links create a natural, organic inbound link to the website. Inbound links, when contained within appropriate content, are one of the most beneficial ways to increase SEO for a website. It is often easier for a well written blog post to rank in a much shorter period of time then it would take for an entire website to move up in the rankings.

Let’s say for example that your website sells cookies. You can create a keyword rich blog post using the keywords ‘buy cookies online’ and for one of the posts you discuss a specific type or brand of ‘cookies’ that consumers can ‘buy online’. As you create the blog post make sure that you create links within your text that take the consumer to the page of your website that sells that specific brand or type of cookies. When you create natural, well written content, like a blog, Google views that as acceptable and allows the organic inbound links that are well related to the topic to be counted toward your sites ranking. Now if your site sells auto-insurance and you create a blog post about cookies and then create the links in that content, it will NOT be effective and can actually severely harm your SEO rankings.

When blogging it is important to select a specific topic for your blog post and use keywords related to that topic. A well planned blog can generate SEO for many sites, but each blog post should only be related to one idea, one site, and one set of keywords. If you or your company is planning to target many groups of keywords, you will need to devote a single post to each keywords grouping and design the blog post address or URL to also contain the keywords that you are targeting. For example let’s say that you are targeting the same keywords ‘buy cookies online’ and your website is called Annie’s Cookies. You may choose a blog named anniescookies.blogspot.com, now when you write the blog post for ‘buy cookies online’ you will be asked to create the URL or address you would like to use. You will want to use the same keyword in the actual URL or web address as you are using in the blog content on that page, so for ‘buy cookies online’, you could use a URL such as anniescookies.blogspot.com/buy-cookies-online. This strategy will yield the highest SEO results when coupled with the keyword rich content and inbound links.

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