[SEO] Google Optimization

Before being delivered one’s site to the Google there are 10 tips that are regarded for the optimization the site. So the 10 tips are given below and these tips might help one to accept Google SEO for better documentation of his site.

1. if your web site has the Welcome screen,

It must be assured that one should carry a text link. This provides the permissions to the visitors for getting the access to the site. Several sites with a nice welcome screen are observed very frequently. That is very much outstanding and full of consequences. That is also drawn into Flash but there exists no more process for accessing to the site. There should be a text link and this link provides the advantage to access to the site which is quite traditionally. This happens on account of Google’s inability to go through the Flash page and tat is why this is also unable to have access to the others sites.

 2. Sure not to have broken links.

This term echoes quite understandable. However the quantity of error is very much inspiring that practiced by the Google engine every day on account of the links that is quite out of order.

3. Check the labels TITLE

One must check the labels title of the page which is very much essential to the Google. So one must notice very carefully that whether the Title tag is pertinent with the content of the page in query or not. Then one has to think about the title making words. The words must be sufficient and it must not exceed 20 words. But the main factor is that the title making words must be selected keeping consistency with the content. So that it would be very much easier for the search engine and the surfers to go through it and

4. Check the Meta tags

Google is always very much concerned in the Meta tags which are completely uncertain. For reading numerous codes those tags are utilized by the Google to analyze a particular web site. That is why one should enter several suitable Meta tags Key words and the Analysis on account of the key words and the site analysis correspondingly. So one must check the Meta tags.

5. Check ALT tags

The web master is supposed to utilize those ALT tags and these tags are adjoined for the description of the images for them. Those are not very important issue but to Google it is a benefit. So, one should check the ALT tag.

6. Check your frames (frames)

For loading a web page this frame which indicates a separate box is generally used. The Google is unable to index 100 percent if this frame is utilized. So it is better not to use this frame. But if any one desires then he could go through the following article.

7. Have you got dynamic pages?

Now a days the web is gradually but largely developed. For that influence numerous pages are being written in dynamic scripting language (PHP, ASP, etc.). However is noticed that the quantity of the dynamic pages is being limited by the Google that it indexes. That is why several static pages must be enrolled at the time of momentum’s unnecessary aspects.

8. Regularly update

One must properly evaluate the term of regularly update.  This would bring a successful result, because the pages that are regularly updated are quickly indexed by the Google.

9. Robots.txt

This folder is very much essential if this is appropriately utilized. Various search engines would be filtered with the help of this robots.txt folder for recording one’s web site. This folder also might be used to have control over the access to the exact URL which is unwilling for being indexed that includes login page, file folders, etc

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