Selecting a Web Hosting plan for SEO optimization

1. Reliability of access

It is important when choosing a web hosting plan must comply with the guaranteed uptime of the web hosting service. This is the percentage of time “all the online time”, in which resource you want to assign Internet audience will be available. Choose your web hosting with guaranteed uptime of more than 99.5% of the time (the remainder – 0.5% is used to reboot, upgrade and maintenance of server machines).
2. How many extensions you can associate with a Web Hosting Plan

This is an important feature when you want to use a single hosting plan for several different (or the same) website’s that you will want to have online.
3. Sub Domains

Check whether the company hosting plan lets you create your own sub domain MYSUB.MYDOMAIN.COM . Rule applies here, the more the better, some hosting companies offer an unlimited number of such domains.
4. IP addresses

In some services, or for the purposes of an activity requiring a separate IP address on your website. Check if the hosting package you decide to purchase support similar option. Most often you will have to pay additional for it, but it is important to be able to request this service.
5. Supported by web server technology

It is important to be informed before you buy your hosting plan from a provider of these services – which technologies will have the option to use when building your website – PHP, ASP, Perl, etc.
6.SSL and Shopping cart – needed to create an online store

These are factors that have a significant impact if you want to create your own online store that can  accept online payment by credit card or such other form of online payment. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and the use of SSL certificates will enable you to maintain a higher level of security for your users, respectively, and greater confidence in them as your customers. Maintenance etc. Shopping cart systems will allow much faster to install and configure your online store, and, as you know so more quickly generate profits from it.
7. Frequency of backup of your site

In case you do a mistake or damaging your website. Your provider of the web hosting service can help you to bring back the old copy of the Web Site from backup . The important thing here is to keep track before you purchase web hosting plan you have to know how often the company you will work with makes a backup of their (your) data. This can assist you in any hacking of your site to recover almost all the information.

8. Technical Support

All you have cited here is of great importance for the proper functioning of your website. Choosing a hosting package suitable hosting provider, however, may depend substantially on the level of support that it offers. Good maintenance is characterized by a quick response from the team to contact clients adequately address potential problems with hosting, a nice attitude, advising clients about this – what is the proper and effective for them. Good technical support can make a big difference if you are not very familiar with the things listed here, because when you have questions and are looking for the answers and no one can advise you better than qualifying teams hosting company.

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