Rankaware – SERP monitoring software

Today we are reviewing one of the best SERP rank monitoring software. While we did some researching on some tools we stop on Rankaware.

On their website you will find all information you need and a demo version of the software (we are reviewing the demo version and not the full version of Rankaware).

The installation progress is smooth , the exe file is around 5MB. The installation was like “Plug & Play” painless and ready to go in few minutes (under SSD take just half minute to install).

Once Rankaware is installed, all you have to do is to follow the simple wizard – just add your domain, the keywords you want to load and the search engines you want to monitor ( Rankaware supports all major Search engines Google,Bing & Yahoo ).

One of the best parts of Rankaware is that on the step where you have to choice your search engines it gives you the chance to choice from list of countires – There is countries such South Africa and Zulu!!! We have test decades of rank check softwares but no one is providing such great freedom as Rankaware.

Of course with the trial version we had the chance to test it with only one URL but the good part is that you have no limits on the keywords . Don’t forget that other providers sets limits in term of the keywords you can add.

Once we set our new project adding our URL , keywords and search engines that we are interested in, it was a matter of clicking a button and Rankaware start calculating . It took like 5 minute to take out results for 30 keywords but that is not lot of time at all. We can say that was pretty quick!

Rankaware comes with userfriendly Dashboard , clear and easy to navigate . On the top are presented the 3 search engines choices – Google, Bing & Yahoo with some sexy charts .

Navigation at the top of the window makes it easy to switch between your website and your keywords, basically giving you 2 different ways of viewing your data. By clicking the KEYWORDS button you are then presented with your keywords down the left-hand side and what looks like a daily graph of your results – the reason We say this is because We only have a few days of data already. Clicking on any keyword in the left-hand side updates the main view for that keyword. Its pretty easy to switch to different periods of time as well to gain further insight into how well your keywords are performing – available options are 7 days, 1 month, 3 months and 1 year. Its just as easy to view your data from a particular search engine. You can easily view data from Google, Bing or Yahoo, even showing all in one view.

Another awesome feature is the ability to schedule your monitoring – by enabling scheduling, you can choose to run the update every day, or specify specific days of the week or a particular day of the month. Something that We found was that once you had updated your key words on a particular day, you couldn’t do another update – nice in that it keeps you on the good side of the search engines. Obviously if you add any additional keywords then you can run another update but the software is clever enough to only report on your new keywords. We didn’t notice anything in the installer about starting the software automatically when you start your computer but it is simple enough to add an auto-load to Windows Scheduler so that the Rankaware software loads automatically at a specific time which means your scheduler can run.

rankaware serp tool

One thing We haven’t tried yet is adding a Proxy so you can check the results locally in different countries.

All your reports can be saved as either PDF or CSV. The PDF report has a nice layout and obviously offers you the same info as what is displayed on your screen. The CSV file doesn’t disappoint either with the information being displayed in a nice format considering the lack of formatting you have available in a CSV file. Something that we liked about the reporting was the ease of use – you clicked on REPORT and then PDF and immediately you were told that your report had been saved – none of this asking where you want to save your report and what you want to call it – the reports are saved in the same folder as your program install and the filename is your URL with the date and time – simple. You then have the choice to just close that window or go straight to the folder that contains your reports so nice and easy to attach the report to an email in a few quick steps. The Expert and Business versions allow you to control all aspects of how your report looks so full white labelling is possible.

So, in a few words, We are sure you will agree that Rankaware is amazing when it comes to SERP monitoring. These guys sure do live up to their slogan of ‘SERP monitoring made easy’


Small install file and easy installation process.
Easy to use user interface
Nice selection of search engines.
Unlimited keywords

Not any so far, Rankaware is doing exactly what is made for.

Company Name: Rankaware
Company website: http://myrankaware.com/
Version under review: 1.4
Plans and Pricing: you can download the Free version which never expires but is only limited to one URL with unlimited keywords.
The monthly license is $9.97 and removes the limit of 1 URL.

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