[Q&A] What is SEO?

With this short artlicle we will answer the question of our friend John who as us What is SEO?

First lets explain what SEO stands for? SEO comming from “Search Engine Optimization” and in general we can say that SEO is every action carried out with the intention to rank higher in search engines ( unpaid organic results ). This means that we would like to be #1 and we don’t want to pay Google for that (adwords). If we are willing to pay for top results, we can simply open a Google Adwords account and start a campaign. As long as our compaign is legitimate and we keep paying more than our competitors, we” stay on the #1 paid position.
We know two “groups” of SEO actions – the first group is called “on-site” SEO, which stands for improvements made on our website, with the intention of ranking higher in organic results. The second group is called “off-site” SEO. Off-site SEO is usually called “link building“. We are doing absolutely everything we can to get links from other websites to our website. Every link from other websites is a “votee” for our website, which tells search engines that our website is worthy of visits from search engine’s users.

Usually, getting backlinks means creating content with links to our “money site’ (i.e our primary and most important website) and publishing it on other websites.

Some facts you should know is:
– Google is making the SEO game harder and harder. For many people, this has been a source of trustation while others (like us) prefer to see it as an opportunity. Bad websites are losing their rankings because Google is making space for us, Web Masters with good websites. That is why it is ESSENTIAL that you work on quality. You need to make sure that your content is of good quality.

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