Proffesional ways to launch a product [Part 1]

It’s never been easier to bring digital products to market and here we share advice for launching your own products. Launching a product – either as a side project or with the aim to make it a complete business – is a goal of many web designers and developers. However, having a great idea and a well-implemented product is only part of the story. Before you can launch you’ll need to have developed an entire business model around your idea; a model that will be attractive to your custimer and also enable the product to grow. In addition, you’ll need an infrastructure that can deliver the product and a way to provide support to your customers. Our own company has transitioned over the last four years from services to products. in this article We’ll describe some of the things we have learn along the way.


If we had one top tip for other people who want to launch a product it is to start small. Launch with the smallest possible thing that you can get people to pay you money for. A minimum product with a minimum amount of infrastucture means little risk and little cash spent up front. Some projects are profitable within 24 hours. However, those up front costs that need to be covered before they start earning. Once yuo get to profitablility you can put money back into developing the product further.

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