Professional and Quality Web Design – Who needs it?

As the real estate industry relies more heavily on generating leads through technology, it is crucial for real estate professionals to create a presence for themselves on the Internet. However, creating a presence by having any old Web page is not enough. Professionals must be prepared and committed to creating a quality Web site if they want to maximize the number of lead captures available through consumer Internet searches.

Options are endless when it comes to possibilities for professional, top-notch real estate Web sites. If you don’t already have a Web site, you can design it yourself, pay a company to do it or use a template to fill in your information. Regardless of your preference for creating the Web site, it is in your best interest to consider the following tips before your site goes live. If you already have a Web site, evaluate the design elements that are effective and maybe less effective based on the following suggestions.

Tip #1: Less is more
A Web site layout that is simple and clean will be far more attractive to visitors than a busy cluttered site.

Tip #2: Stick ‘em
One of the keys to generating leads through your Web site is by making it sticky. To make your site sticky means you provide enough information for visitors so they stick to your site because they are finding the information they need and don’t have a reason to go somewhere else. However, you must design your site in such a way that it is easy to navigate. If consumers get lost in figuring out how to retrieve desired information, they will shut down your site and go elsewhere.

Tip #3: Time is money
Be careful when choosing graphics. Flash and scripts will increase your file size by huge amounts. In today’s working world, people want information, but they don’t want to wait for it. If your Web site takes too long to load, customers are not willing to wait around for your page to load because they know they will find almost the exact same information somewhere else much faster.

Tip #4: A picture says a thousand words
Although content is a critical part of a good Web site, a picture can say so much more. Be selective with you pictures, and be sure pictures you use bring focus to what you want potential home buyer’s to know. An example of using a picture well is to display a featured home on your site. This picture will show something buyer’s are looking for, and will encourage them to read other content on the page.

Tip #5: Go against the grain
When planning content for the front page, don’t use cliché ideas from your competitors; be smart about the information you provide. If you want to personalize your site, don’t put your hobbies, pets, and life story on your front page. Consumers who are looking at your page are looking for real estate – give them the content they want.

If followed, these tips are bound to be effective in generating business for real estate professionals. By creating and implementing a professional and quality Web site agents will find greater success in generating leads.

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