How to make WordPress load faster ?

Some WordPress Plugins can cause your website to run slow, so make sure and remove any unnecessary Plugins before doing anything else. Make sure you really need all the Plugins that you currently have installed by deactivating them and then deleting them.

If your website is built on WordPress, then there is a plugin that you can download called W3 Total Cache.

Now we are going to tell you how to install and configure the W3 Total Cache Plugin.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and on the admin bar on the left hand side navigate to “Plugins” and click on “Add New”

Type in ‘W3 Total Cache’ in the search box on the right hand side

Click “Install Now” and click “OK”

Now click “Activate Plugin”

On the Admin Bar, you’ll see a new option called “Performance”

Navigate to “Performance” and click on “General Settings”

Scroll down to “Page Cache” and click on the “Enable” check box

Now scroll down to “Minify” and click the “Enable” check box

Scroll down to “Database Cache” and click the “Enable” check box

Scroll down o “Object Cache” and click the “Enable” check box

Now click on the “Save all settings” button

That’s the General Settings sorted out, now lets go a little bit more in depth.

On the admin bar, click on “Page Cache”

Scroll down to “Cache Preload” and check the “Automatically prime the page cache” check box

Also in this part, click on the “Preload the post cache upon publish events” check box

On the “Purge Policy: Page Cache” section, select the “Front page” check box if you have a blog on your home page like I do at

If you just have a static home page, leave it unchecked

Now click on “Save All Settings”

On the Admin Bar, click on “Minify”

Under “HTML & XML”, check all the boxes

Click on the “Save all settings” button

On the Admin Bar, click on “Browser Cache”

Enable the “Set expires header”

Enable the “Set cache control header”

Enable the “Set entity tag(etag)”

Enable “Set W3 Total Cache header”

Now click on the “Save all settings” button

Let’s go back to and test your website speed again.

The “Performance Grade” is now 87

The “Load Time” is now 1.40 seconds

That’s an incredible 1.26 seconds shaved off the load time and a performance increase from 81% to 87%. That’s a pretty good increase in speed for about 10 minutes work.

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Why website loading time is important?

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