Keywords, Domain Names, Website Development, “OH MY!?!”

Research and planning is key when developing a website.  If you have an existing business, registering a domain name should not be to difficult.   Hopefully, your business name is available for the top domain extensions, .com, .net, and .co.

In some instances, your business name is common in your industry across the nation, for example: Sunrise Cafe.  In these cases we suggest the client pick a geographical location to add to their domain name, example:  This option may not be available when your establishment has multiple locations in different cities.  You could consider using other words in the domain such as “the”, “restaurant”, “menu”, “ordering”, “online”, “your”, etc.

Regardless if your business is existing or newly established, market research will help you succeed online.  Competitive and Keyword research and analysis will enable your business to create a website that is targeted for visitors.  Some businesses even utilize this research to register a domain name, example:  Most businesses will have your basic webpages, “about us”, “contact us”, “our services/products/menus”, “portfolio”, “shopping cart”, etc.  You may ask yourself what other pages would you need on a website?

Your keyword research should determine how you structure your website.   Have you ever used searched on Google?  Dumb question, I know, but let’s walk through that process.

  • You go to Google
  • Type in what your searching for (keywords)
  • The search queries results, advertised and organic
  • You scroll through to find what best matches your needs
  • You click on the link and:
    1. the webpage has nothing to with what you searched for, or you have to continue to search within the site for what you were looking for originally.
    2. the webpage matches exactly what you were searching for.

Building specific pages based on the keyword research will help you get found on the search engine by visitors.  Your website should be structured for your potential markets needs.  Developing keyword focused webpages with a simple website navigation will enable visitors to come into your site through specific pages, not only your home page.

Test this out: Go to Google and do a search.  Choose one of the websites from the search engine results.

Did you enter the website through their home page?  Probably not. These websites are developed with you in mind and what you are search for.  Is your website developed this way

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