[How to] Magento SEO tips and tricks 2014 part 1

So… you are already working with the popular CMS Magento or maybe you just started using the best ecommerce solution? You may have find it difficult to perform better in the Search Englines! Don’t worry here we come to help YOU out with our ultimate list of SEO tips&tricks for Magento. Be aware that there is no such thing as … “the golden rule or trick” that may bring you the #1 possition at Google Search Engine!  But sure they are actualy some things you can do to improve the way you site is handled by the engines. Ok – Ok ! Lot of the things we mention below are general SEO TIPS and they are at no way  only valuable for MAGENTO users BUUUT we also give you some things that are especially important to YOUR MAGENTO WEBSITE. 

Content , Content and more content….!

We all know that… content is king. Right? What does that mean for your e-shop? First of all, We want to emphasize that you should never write your content for the search engines. Write the content for your visitors! That is maybe the most important since Google upgrade his algorithm. BE AWARE THAT Writing for search engines will only deliver you a higher bounce rate.

Product descriptions!

You should carefully think about…. YES RIGHT !! your product descriptions. And certainly do not copy them from your suppliers. Because that will deliver a product detail page that is very similar to what your competitors !! are doing (Don’t fool your self that you are the only one!). Be different, make an effort and write something original yourself!

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your mainpage (homepage) is already delivering valuable and fresh content. Do not use only banners / animations, or even a splash page. Flash can be even worse if it is not used in the correct way. Normally these kind of issues will hardly give you a problem on the average Magento store.

Will the search engines index your store?

The ANSWER is … YES ! But … First things first, so let’s make sure that your Magento store can at least be indexed by the search engines. In Magento, you can easily do that by going to Configuration — Design — HTML Head and changing the value of Default Robots to ‘Index, Follow’. After saving you can test it by looking at the source code and checking if the meta robots tag actually shows ‘INDEX, FOLLOW’. Normally this should already be correct.

Page titles and description

The Magento CMS gives you enough possibilities to make sure your content is optimized (Yes ! Right!).  We suppose that You already did your keyword analysis ? So you know what to do when writing content within your store, right?

So.. Let’s have a look at the page titles and meta descriptions. You can edit the page title by going to: Magento — CMS — Pages — chose your page — General Information — Page Title. For the meta description please go to ‘Meta Data’ instead of ‘General Information’.

Please note that Google will only look at first 67-68 characters for the page title and about  155 characters for the meta description. Anything longer than that will be  discarded from the search engine indexes. Users will still see it in their browsers although.

Outside of the CMS, when creating categories and products, you can (should) also pay attention to these fields: edit the category page titles in Magento by going to: Magento — Catalogue — Manage Categories — your category. Please make sure that the titles and descriptions you use are unique, otherwise you might get ‘duplicate content issues’. Because of the above, the only correct way to do this, is to do it manually. Write your own, logical, keyword extensive meta descriptions and titles for the best results!

Magento uses by default the product name as a page title on the product detail page. But that’s not always good enough. Of course also in here you can simply edit these details on the product itself.

One more thing: you can still fill the meta keywords for these pages or products. However, these are not so important anymore to the search engines. You may easiliy leave them blank.


As mentioned, it is wise to spend some time on the meta desccription, page title and url key for your categories. However, there’s a setting in Magento that might cause ‘duplicate content’ issues. By default the name of the category will be added to the url. We recommend to switch this off.  You can do this by going to System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Search Engine Optimization and set “Use categories path for product URL’s” to “No”

Seo category setting in mangento configuration

Another setting that can be important is found at the same settings page. Set both Canonical Link Meta Tag fields to Yes. Why? Because this will prevent Magento from generating duplicate content when you’re having the same product in multiple categories.

magento canonical meta data setting


An often overlooked possibility to increase traffic coming from the search engines are your images. Use these simple tips to improve your results:

  • Use descriptive filenames. So no img03425.jpg anymore, but more something like this for example: sony-lcd-television-42inch-black.jpg
  • For each product image, you can set the title and alt tags by changing the label for each product image. This value will be used for as well the title as the alt tag.

Meta label for product images in Magento

To be continued…


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