How to : Get traffic to your Website – FREE

Getting traffic to your website for free used to be easy:
1)put a bit of content on your website
2)get a bunch of cheap links
3)maybe get some better quality links and wait a few days (or, at worst, a few weeks) before Google turned on the tap and sent you traffic.

Those days are long gone – probably for the better as they didn’t really help people searching for things, they were only designed to get advertising commission for the webmasters who engaged in that kind of activity.

So, what can you do nowadays to get traffic to your website?

Start with the old fashioned idea of written content on your site. Sure, in the age of videos this may seem a really odd thing to suggest. But Google and the other search engines are much better at understanding words than they are at understanding pictures.

So they will make sense of written content much quicker, giving your site a chance of getting clicks from search engine users.

As a bonus, the search engines take note of how often you update your website. The more often you do this, the more excited Google gets and it will crawl and index your new content faster than if you only add a page once in a blue moon.

What that means is that should make a commitment to yourself to add new content to your website as often as you can. Ideally daily but, if you can’t manage that, definitely at least weekly. Delegate this to someone if it’s not likely that you’ll do it yourself!

The next thing to do is regularly create videos and put them onto YouTube.

You’ll have noticed that videos regularly show up in the search results – they appear in the results because that’s what people like to find.

It really is that simple – there’s no conspiracy theory involved, people like videos so Google mixes them in with the search results.

Creating videos is simple.

You don’t need a Hollywood production team.

If you’ve got a webcam and aren’t totally camera shy, you can create videos inside YouTube itself – just look for the link close to the large “upload” button. And if you need help then you’ll find lots of videos on YouTube itself to guide you.

You can also create slide show style videos inside YouTube. Again, look for the link close to the “upload” button and follow the instructions.

Alternatively you can use a cheap (but good) piece of software called Screencast-o-Matic which is easy to use and produces professional videos that capture part of your screen (ideal for walkthroughs of websites, programs, etc) together with your voice.

Between those two methods – so long as you do them regularly – you should start getting more traffic to your website. With the added bonus that it will be targeted traffic because the visitors have either watched one of your videos or found a link to one of your on-site articles. Which is great news!

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