How to Do Google Search Engine Optimization

You might be interested in google search engine optimization if you write for a living or if you run websites or blogs. Sure, there are other search engines out there, but google is the main one. It was estimated that 80-90% of all traffic on the web comes from search engines. Here is how to optimize your site just for google.Read Matt Cutts blog . Google support is almost non existent. Matt works for google as a software engineer. He doesn’t give a lot of inside tips, but he does mention when a page rank update is underway.

Instead of just running a photoblog, add descriptions to every photo so google has something that it can read.

Obey the quality guidelines. Don’t try hiding text in your site so it looks fine to readers but says something totally different to the google spiders.

Just say not to duplicate contest. It’s occasionally fine to take a direct quote from wikipedia but make sure that you add in plenty of your own thoughts. It’s better to just paraphrase it in your own words because google won’t index content that is exactly the same.

Only use affiliate links when you have something original to say about the product.
If your site is just filled with affiliate links it may be considered useless spam & you will have a difficult time building a readership.

Create a free sitemap using google webmaster tools. This will make sure that google knows about all of your pages & when you change those pages.

Play in the sandbox. The google sandbox may or may not be a myth. It’s thought that google doesn’t rank new domains as high as it does old domains. It does this so people can’t just create a lot of new sites linking to one main site & drive up the ranking of that site by having a lot of inbound links. If your new site isn’t doing well, just keep creating fantastic content.

Google has been cracking down on sites that sell links. There is even a page to report sites to google that sell links. These sites often lose their page rank or fall in web results.

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