How to Find Out Who Owns a Website

Occassionally, you might need to find out who owns a website. You might be researching a company, or trying to find out where spam email is coming from. It is not always easy to find this information if the website is unethical. But if you are lucky, you can find out who owns a website rather easily.Go to This website is a database of website registration information. It can also be used to find the availability of domain names and find domain names based on keywords. (see the Resources section below for a direct link to

Type the domain name in question in the WHOIS Lookup search box. For example, to find information about, type “google”.

Select the domain ending from the drop-down box to the right of the search box. For example, to find information about, select “.com”.

Click the “Go!” button to search for data.

Scroll down to the “Registrant” information. Depending on how the website is set up, you might find contact information for the person that registered the domain name, or you might not find anything at all. If you see a hosting company name (such as, go to that hosting company’s website and search for the domain name to find information about the registrar.

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