Don’t Get Fooled By Fake PR

Displaying fake PR is one of the worst SEO trick and you should be aware of it. Mostly when you are buying domains. Domains which display fake Page Rank are often kicked by Google from being indexed but still many sellers out there are still using this technique to raise the price you pay for it. So today in this article we are going to discuss about it.


Before starting please see this image carefully how this site is displaying fake PageRank , lots of innocent buyer are there and they are being fooled by some idiots. When I saw this yesterday one question raised in my mind “ has Pr 9 , how this stupid website got 10 on 10?” After long research finally got the satisfied answer and today I am sharing how its done.

This is absolutely wrong and black hat and i personally do not support this method, so i would share with you:

1. How fake PageRank is achieved?
2. How to Detect Fake PageRank?

How fake PageRank is achieved?

Some webmasters identifies google bots searching for PR and redirects it to a high PR website, so it reads higher PR, Hence the PR of another website is assigned to this website. Let me define you with step by step process.

When a search engine spiders visits a web page URL, the server redirects the spider to a web page with high PageRank.

Google assigns the high PageRank to the page with the redirection because it thinks that the pages are identical.

When a human web surfer visits the web page URL, the server does not redirect the surfer. That means that the web surfer sees the web page of the faker and the Google toolbar displays the PageRank of the redirected URL .

To web surfers, it looks as if the web page has a very high PageRank although it hasn’t. Note that this method doesn’t increase the rankings of the page in any way. It just influences the PageRank display in Google’s toolbar.

Example of Fake PR Code Snippet, This method is called Cloaking and 301 redirection and this is a Black hat SEO technique.

if (Googlebot) {
echo ‘‘;
else {
echo ““;

Here Yahoo’s PR is reflected as the fake PR for the site.

Google hates this type of cloaking and if they find them they will certainly ban them from search engines so better not to use this isn’t it?

How to check if a website has a faked PageRank?

How to check if a site has a faked PageRank?

If you are planning to buy old domains or websites then you can check if a website has fake PageRank using this method.

Google “” [without the quotation marks, replace with the domain that you want to check]

If there are no results or if the returned URLs don’t match the original URL then it’s likely that the PageRank has been faked. If Google returns only one URL for the query and if the URL is the same as the checked URL then the PageRank is okay. Is easy isn’t it 😛 .

Is there any tool which gives original report?

Yes there are number of websites which displays real reports one of them is “THIS “. This is a free page rank checker tool that checks whether site has fake page rank or not in bulk.There are some limitations but for displaying few reports its awesome.

So what do you think about such activities to fool people ( you 🙂 ) comments are highly appreciated.

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