Dont Buy Backlinks 8 Ways To Get It Free

Backlinks are the blood of websites. High authority backlinks is the key factor to get success for lots of niche site as well as blogs simply we can say in the world of SEO, no factor has as much impact on your ability to rank as backlinks.

Getting high authority do follow backlinks is really never ending tough job and huge sites never want to pass up any opportunity for a link, especially high quality links. So today in this article we are going to learn how to get high quality backlinks from pr 9 site.

There are hundreds may be thousands of method to get high quality backlinks, but this article is not going talk about all those silly methods. I am going straight to the point and showing you the exact technique that I am using.

Best and easiest way is commenting :- Blogging is about building relation interaction. Most blogs have enabled comments feature with comment luv installed in it , so you may be able to participate and leave your comment. Don’t underestimate blogs with no follow, they may send you potential traffic too. People who have seen what you have to say and click through are nothing but interested readers.

Guest blogging:– Guest blogging is one of the most preferred way to get do follow backlinks. Really guest blogging is very powerful and can drive tons of traffic to your blog.In blogging world revenue is directly related to traffic and traffic is proportional to exposures that’s why guest blogging have became so popular nowadays. Nothing works like guest blogging if we talk about traffic and exposures .

Forums :– The thing about links from forums or discussion boards is not about transferring authority by spamming the forums with as many posts as possible. The signature link at the bottom of each of your contribution is a chance to get your blog seen, but…

Building credibility in the forums is very important if you want to get other forum regulars to click and go to your blog.

News sites
Getting into New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other huge news sites is a dream come true for all blogger, but you may not start at that level.

There are lots of smaller news sites that are hungry for stories and may accept submission. Getting your own weekly column and bringing steady stream of traffic and backlinks to your site are not as hard as you think. After all, you are already a writer for your blog.

Social media sites:– Social media are all the rage nowadays. While some of them start to put no follow attribute to the atag, they may still worth the effort.Social bookmarking sites, for instance, have the potential to send you thousands, of unique visitors and page views overnight. Generally, they have short attention span though. You may not be able to turn them into customers or make them click on the ads because they are quite savvy.

Directories :-D irectories, blog specific or not, are still great for inbound links. If you can get into DMOZ, or can afford Yahoo directory, they may help boost the authority of your blog for sure.It doesn’t mean that you will get free traffic what i mean here is the potential of getting in top ten results will increase so forget about getting traffic from directories. Most of them won’t send you many visitors, but they are still great for backlinks.

Article Publishing :– In the past years, article publishing has become one of the most popular methods to get high PR backlinks. All it takes is a well written article (advisable in the same niche as your company/website).

Edu and .Gov sites
These sites deserve their own mention because search engines weight links from these TLDs (top level domains) more than others. Some SEO experts may disagree, and it may at best be a small difference.

If your blog is very new there are the most important strategy to perform for instant traffic, one can effectively build techniques for how to get backlinks and traffic.

Whats your opinion?

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