Does Viber collect personal information – Phone numbers?

We receive an email from mr. Mario Dekatich (reader of ) who ask us Does Viber collect personal information?”

To answer this question we contact the Viber Media Center asking them if they are collecting personal infromation and we receive the following answer:

“Yes, we collect names and phones (We do not collect emails, and any other information not needed to operate the Viber service).

If you deactivate your Viber account (or do not use it for 30-45 days) the information is automaticly deleted in a few seconds/minutes. It is all kept in volatile memory (“RAM”). No backups are made and we pledge not to use this information for anything except the provision of the sservice – as stated by our privacy policy.”

And , Yes, according to their privacy policy.

A copy of your address book will be stored on our servers and will be used strictly for the following purposes:

(a) notify you when your contacts become active on Viber,

(b) indicate which of your contacts are already Viber users,

(c) correctly display the name of each contact as it appears in your address book when a call is received.

(d) in the future, we may also use this data to synchronize your address book across multiple devices.

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